How To Make A Frosty Polar Bear Cake

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Snowy win­ter times call for a cozy, fuzzy polar bear cake! Per­fect for hol­i­day par­ties or an ultra cool Arctic-themed kid’s birth­day. A polar bear cake and sashimi appetizers—that sounds like my idea of a dream party! This bear cake is easy to cre­ate and will delight both ani­mal fans and lovers of cute design, not to men­tion your kids. Kids can help make this, too! They’ll love pip­ing the polar bear’s fur and mak­ing a hilar­i­ous fish cake top­per out of paper.

DIY Polar Bear Cake

What You’ll Need

  • A baked and cooled 2-layer cake of your choice (I used an 8-inch choco­late cake)
  • Off­set metal spat­ula or but­ter knife
  • Pip­ing bag fit­ted with a large multi-opening tip (I used a Wilton #233)
  • Wooden BBQ skewers
  • Blue paper, pen, and scis­sors for fish cake flag (optional)
  • Gray paper and white let­ter stick­ers for YUM flag (optional)


  • 4 cups of vanilla but­ter­cream or two cans of frosting
  • 4-inch ball of white fondant
  • 2-inch ball of black fondant
  • ½-inch ball of pink fondant
  • A small amount of corn­starch for work­ing with fondant
DIY Polar Bear Cake

Step 1
Begin by fill­ing your cake and frost­ing the entire exte­rior with but­ter­cream using your off­set spatula.

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Your cake will be fully frosted. Don’t worry too much about it being per­fectly smooth as you will be mak­ing it all “hairy” next!

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Step 2
Using your pip­ing bag fit­ted with the multi-opening tip filled with vanilla but­ter­cream, pipe the sides of your cake. I start from the bot­tom and work my way up.

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Step 3
Con­tinue pip­ing the top of your cake so the entire cake is cov­ered in but­ter­cream “fur.” Set aside.

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Step 4
Cre­ate your fon­dant pieces to make the eyes, nose, tongue, and ears. To make the ears, roll two balls of white fon­dant and squash them down into thick cir­cu­lar pat­ties. Cut a wooden BBQ stick evenly in two and insert into pat­ties to make ears. Using the black fon­dant, shape the eyes and nose. Using the pink fon­dant, roll a small ball, squash it down into a patty and gen­tly pull it into an oblong tongue-like shape. Use a knife to cre­ate a divot in the tongue.

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Step 5
Place the white ears into the sides of the cake. Place the eyes, nose, and tongue onto the cake!

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Step 6
Using the pip­ing bag, pipe fur on top of and around the white fon­dant ears.

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Step 7
Cut out a fish shape in blue paper and draw a few fish details—eyes, mouth, and tiny scales using a “U” shape. Attach the fish upside down onto a wooden skewer and place close to polar bear’s mouth! Add a “YUM” sign or “Happy Birth­day” sign and you’re all set to polar bear party!

DIY Polar Bear Cake

Hope you enjoyed this hairy bear-y cake DIY, every­one! See you again soon with more cute cake ideas to make your next birth­day party the coolest yet!

  • t.potts

    too cute to eat! On sec­ond thought, it would make a cute smash cake.

  • Rachel Faucett

    Love her cakes! She’s a super tal­ent for sure!

  • Coco Cake Land

    thanks rachel!! xoxo

  • Coco Cake Land

    aww thanks t-potts! it would make SUCH a cute smash cake indeed!

  • Mary-Liz

    Lovely cake for a birth­day­party or some­thing:-)
    You say you love vin­tage, my friend does too.
    If time see:

    Happy new year!

  • Alyssa B

    Such a cute cake! I love all the cute lay­ered cakes you’ve shared here. They are easy enough that I could still re-create them at home with­out spe­cial tech­niques or equip­ment, but still look like some­thing that took a lot of time and skill to make!
    I do have a ques­tion for you, do you have a good recipe for but­ter­cream frosting?

  • Betsy @JavaCupcake

    This cake is so cute!! I’m lov­ing all your cake tutorials!