Make 2014 A Monster Year

DIY Monster Calendar

Decem­ber is full of joy and deli­cious food, but we love Jan­u­ary just as much—it’s a new begin­ning, a new oppor­tu­nity to chal­lenge your­self and make things hap­pen, and a time to get organized!

To kick off the new year, I’ve designed this cute mon­ster cal­en­dar that fea­tures a dif­fer­ent crea­ture each month. You and the kids are going to love hang­ing out with these dudes all year long. After all, every sec­ond counts, espe­cially when you have mon­sters on your tail!

DIY Printable Monster Calendar

What You Need

  • Print­able Mon­ster Cal­en­dar (down­load here)
  • Card stock

All you need to do is down­load and print to have your very own Mon­ster Calendar.

DIY Printable Monster Calendar

Happy New Year!