DIY Recycling Center For Kids

DIY Recycling Center for Kids

My kids are constantly using cereal boxes, cans, bottles, and other recyclables for their inventions and art projects. As such, we were in desperate need of a spot where the kids could easily access the re-purposed trash, so we put together a mini-recycling station to minimize the chaos and keep things in control.

The kids absolutely love their new mini-art supply store, and they’re even more thrilled about devising ways to use the “new” merchandise. Here’s a rundown of how we put everything together so you can put together a recycling center of your own.

DIY Recycling Center for Kids


  • 10-gallon trash can
  • GLAD ForceFlex® bags (to line the trash can)
  • Shelf (we used this shelf from IKEA)
  • Various bins for storage (we used these containers from IKEA)
  • Rolling cart (we used this cart from IKEA)

Putting everything together is a pretty straightforward process. The floating shelf we purchased from IKEA gives everything a clean and modern look, and it’s a snap to install. The GLAD  ForceFlex® bags were a no-brainer for this project – the smaller bags have all the strength and durability of the larger ones and keep everything nice and neat.

Your kids will enjoy the new space, and you’ll adore watching their imaginations run wild. As you can see from the photos, we love the fabulous duct tape river-raft project by Mer Mag (see the tutorial here). It’s definitely a bath-time favorite in our house.

Here are some other fun DIY recycled projects to get you inspired and get your creative juices flowing…

Recycled juice cartons and plastic bottle caps make great toy cars! Recycled juice cartons and plastic bottle caps make great toy cars!

Juice cartons and plastic bottle caps make terrific toy cars! (via coroflot)

Recycled half-gallon milk jugs are perfect for storing colored pencils, markers, and other craft supplies.

Half-gallon milk jugs are perfect for storing colored pencils, markers, and other craft supplies. (via make)

DIY Recycled Milk Jug Star Wars Helmet for Kids

Milk jugs can be transformed into convincing helmets for a little Star Wars fan. Visit Filth Wizardry for the tutorial.

We would love to hear about your recycling solutions and what your doing in your house to reduce waste! Happy upcycling :)

This post is sponsored by GLAD®. Small changes can make a big difference.

  • Jeanette Nyberg

    Wonderful! I especially love the colors and the sign. The whole thing is like a little recycling craft shop!

  • Kara Cole

    I love this! The colors and bins make it so inviting for little ones! What a great way to encourage and teach the importance of recycling and get creative with reusable materials!

  • Kara Cole

    It’s so adorable!

  • Extra virgin home

    Amazing. The best when stuff is useful but also looks COOL!!!

  • Suzanne

    Great ideas!!!! Thanks so much!!

  • Bliss Foster

    My kids are always digging though the recyclables for little craft projects!! What a great idea!

  • MallieLanham

    An awesome use of materials– and teaching kids the importance of conserving them!

  • Mariah | Playful Learning

    Love, love, love it!

  • tracy

    love this! especially all the bright colors of the storage containers.

  • Lindsey

    This is a great way to get kids to start thinking about reusing and repurposing.
    P.S. that Star Wars helmet rocks!

  • Jenny Deter Gritsch

    Love this — wondering where you got the green wall-mounted bin?

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