DIY Rope Swirl Tapestry

rope swirl tapestry rope swirl tapestry

I totally flipped when I came across this tapestry on the stella rose blog. The best part–the designers at BLDG 25 posted a complete tutorial for making your own!

They actually had a giveaway for the tapestry pictured above that ended a few days ago.

  • Ana Degenaar

    So boho and genius. I love this idea.

  • Anonymous

    These rugs are to die for. I want to make one!

  • Sally Bishop

    Just scrumptious – I can’t imagine how fun it is to walk on.  Wonderful color, too.

  • Lolypop Shop

    cute :D ilove that colour..

  • handmade charlotte

    Isn’t it wonderful?

  • handmade charlotte

    Isn’t it wonderful?

  • Silwan

    im so in love with this