DIY Safari Puppet Parade

DIY Safari Animal Puppets

When our good friend Emily Meyer from Tea Col­lec­tion asked us to cre­ate a DIY craft inspired by their lat­est South African col­lec­tion of children’s clothes, the answer was obvious–of course! We’re huge fans Emily and her pio­neer­ing brand.

Tea Collection South Africa

The design­ers at Tea Col­lec­tion explore exotic des­ti­na­tions through­out the world and then trans­late those expe­ri­ences by cre­at­ing “globally-inspired children’s clothes for the lit­tle cit­i­zens of the world.” Their lat­est col­lec­tion, and per­haps their best yet, invites you to explore the col­ors and pat­terns of South Africa. Be sure to check it out on the Tea Col­lec­tion web­site!

DIY Safari Animal Puppets

How do you cel­e­brate a brand founded by two globe-trotting moms with more than ten years’ expe­ri­ence under their belts? You sound the bells and hold a parade, of course! Here’s an incred­i­bly fun DIY tuto­r­ial for cre­at­ing your very own parade of safari ani­mal pup­pets. You can whip them up in no time at all using just a few craft dow­els, a lit­tle paint, and some paper.

DIY Safari Animal Puppets


DIY Safari Animal Puppets

Step 1
First, you’ll need to print and cut out pho­tos of the safari ani­mals (we found great pics on the National Geo­graphic Kids web­site). Next, glue the ani­mals to sheets of brightly col­ored card stock and cut out the ani­mal shape for a sec­ond time, mak­ing sure to leave a small bor­der of col­ored paper vis­i­ble around the animal.

DIY Safari Animal Puppets DIY Safari Animal Puppets

Step 2
Time for the safari stripes! Using the handy bor­der from the FolkArt Hand­made Char­lotte Frame Sten­cils (we know, shame­less plug), apply stripes to the wooden dow­els using black acrylic paint. Be sure to use your painter’s tape for clean, crisp lines. For even more fun, apply addi­tional alter­nat­ing stripes using white acrylic paint.

The bor­der sten­cil makes the task of apply­ing the striped pat­tern a snap for lit­tle hands (as well as yours), but you could also use painter’s tape to cre­ate your own safari-themed pattern.

DIY Safari Animal Puppets

Step 3
Now it’s time to turn the safari ani­mals into pup­pets. Sim­ply tape the ani­mal cut-outs to your freshly striped dowels.

DIY Safari Animal Puppets

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy watch­ing your kids have a ball march­ing their new safari ani­mal pup­pets around the house.

Happy craft­ing!

  • Stacy of KSW

    Bril­liant! These would be so much fun to make for a party or play­date … hmm, time to get some friends together :)

  • Lisi
  • Peter Costello

    These are too Rad! We often make lit­tle pup­pets at home but never go to the effort of mak­ing them actual “Keep­ers” think we might have to put a lit­tle more effort into the next ones. Thanks for shar­ing. NICE!

  • Tracy

    We’ve just begun a Social Stud­ies project with a friend from Swazi­land, she is just two hours from Kruger National Park,. My kids are super excited about all the ani­mals she told them about. This is a per­fect “hands on” activ­ity for us to do to go along with our project.