DIY Archery

Dad Crafts - DIY Archery Bow and Arrows

Have you noticed the archery craze that’s sweep­ing across the nation? Between Mérida and the Hunger Games, it’s mak­ing quite a come­back. I’ve heard there are quite a few schools adding archery pro­grams, too.

My 4 year old thinks it sounds pretty amaz­ing, but I’m a lit­tle hes­i­tant about buy­ing a real set for some­one his age. So how about we DIY-it instead? I’m super fas­ci­nated by the itty-bitty bow and arrows made from Pop­si­cle sticks—they say they really work, and they have to be less dan­ger­ous than a full-size ver­sion, right? I sure hope so!

DIY Popsicle Bow and Q-tip Arrows // via all for the boys

DIY Pop­si­cle Bow and Q-tip Arrows
via All for the Boys

Start small with some Q-tips, Pop­si­cle sticks, and den­tal floss. This set has real Mac­gyver qual­i­ties, don’t you think? And it really works!

DIY Bow and Arrows // sophie's world

DIY Bow and Arrows
via Sophie’s World

This set was part of a great Hunger Games themed party, and includes a DIY quiver to hold all those arrows.

DIY Cardboard Tube Quiver // via domestic candy

DIY Card­board Tube Quiver
via Domes­tic Candy

This super easy card­board quiver project will keep your DIY arrows organized—all you need is a wrap­ping paper roll.

DIY PVC Bow and Arrow for Kids // via skip to my lou

DIY PVC Bow and Arrow
via Skip to My Lou

This DIY looks like the stur­di­est of the bunch. I’m think­ing it’d be a great sec­ond set, once you get the hang of a sim­pler one and want a lit­tle more “oomph.”

DIY Wooden Dowel Archery Arrows

DIY Wooden Dowel Arrows
via Cre­ative Jew­ish Mom

These aren’t meant to be shot with a bow, but the designs are so cute I had to include them. Why not make the arrows in one of the above DIY’s look this pretty? I say go for it!

Pic­tured at the top of this post: DIY Archery Set via Craft Foxes