DIY Stripy Money Bank

DIY Stripy Money Bank

My son is obsessed with money. Par­tic­u­larly coins. He has very lit­tle con­cept of money but he just loves to col­lect loose change. So I thought it was the per­fect time to give him a bank to keep all that change in one place. And who knows, maybe one day he will col­lect enough to buy something!

This money bank is unbe­liev­ably easy. So easy it’s ridicu­lous. Another bonus: it’s prac­ti­cally free to make! So really you have no excuse not to make one, right?

DIY Stripy Money Bank

What You Need

  • Empty oat­meal canister
  • Duct tape
  • Scis­sors
  • Cut­ting mat
  • X-ACTO knife
DIY Stripy Money Bank

Step 1
Rip off a strip of duct tape and, piece by piece, line it up and stick it on the can­is­ter to form a striped pat­tern. Dou­ble up on the white tape so that you don’t see through to the design on the canister.

DIY Stripy Money Bank

Step 2
Trim off the excess tape at the bot­tom. To get a clean look, cut a bunch of slits in each piece of tape so it will lay flat along the edge of the canister.

DIY Stripy Money Bank

Step 3
Lay a strip of duct tape on the cut­ting mat and, with the X-ACTO knife, cut out a name, pat­tern, or design of your choice. Well, of your lit­tle one’s choice. We have to remem­ber this is for them, not us!

DIY Stripy Money Bank

Step 4
Arrange the name or design on the canister.

DIY Stripy Money Bank

Step 5
Lay the lid on the cut­ting mat and cut out the money slot. This is maybe the most impor­tant part of the bank, right?

DIY Stripy Money Bank

Put it all together and hand it over to those lit­tle money-loving fingers!

  • New­Momde­signs

    Wow! Just a cou­ple hours ago I was toss­ing our empty oat­meal can­is­ter, and I caught myself think­ing ” there is gotta be some­thing we can make out of this”, oh, we’ll, next time! Thanks for this idea!!

  • Kersey

    I find myself col­lect­ing oat­meal con­tain­ers! So many uses :)

  • Rachel Brandt Fisher

    Love this. Might have to make one of these with my daugh­ter. We are always look­ing for new and fun crafts to do.

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