DIY Swinging Easter Chick

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Celebrate spring with this super cute DIY Easter chick! He may be small, but this short-sighted charmer is enough to brighten anyone’s day.

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

What You Need

  • Printable templats (download here)
  • Wire
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Fabric strip
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Twine
  • 3 Pins
  • 2 Black beads
  • Black cardboard (or paint it black)
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Crumple up some paper to make a 1 1/2 inch paper ball, tape to fix and wrap it with yarn till you have a 2 1/4 inch ball.

Step 2

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Take 5 inches of pipe cleaner; pass it through the bottom ball yarn strands and bend to secure. Fold to form two legs.

Step 3

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Using pliers bend and manipulate wire into a basic oval shape of 5.3” wide and 6” tall. Then take a scrap of fabric strip, knot it to the oval wire and wrap all around the twisted joints.

Step 4

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Take the oval shape with the wrapped part at the bottom and place your yarn ball at the bottom center of the oval shape.
Twist each pipe cleaner leg around wrapped wire. Glue yarn ball and twisted pipe cleaners to oval shape if needed.

Step 5

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Download and print templates. Cut out bick from orange felt and eyeglasses from black cardboard. 
Fold arm specs and place them at the middle of the yarn ball front. Fix end arms into yarn strands.

Step 6

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Pin each bead onto the yarn ball front, (pierce till you poke paper ball) just in the center of each eyeglasses.
Then pin bick in place, right in the middle and below eyeglasses. TIP: If you want to secure pins, glue pin end before poking.

Step 7

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Follwing templates cut out flowers and leaves from felt.
Decor the bottom of the oval with them. Glue big leaves first, then flowers and small leaves up one oval side.

DIY Swinging Easter Chick DIY Swinging Easter Chick

It’s almost done! Tie twine on the top of the oval and hang your swinging easter chick with cute specs from your favorite place.

DIY Swinging Easter Chick

Happy crafting!

  • Amy

    So cute! ^_^

  • Anitra Sweet


  • Kerstin wears.

    this HAS to be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen <3 i really want to try this now!

  • Kate

    Those are literally the cutest glasses on a yarn chick sitting on a wire I have ever seen. Love it.

  • Misako Mimoko Eva

    Thank you ladies, happy you liked the swinging chick <3

  • Paula J

    I just stumbled upon the through Google and LOVE it!
    Thanks for sharing :)