6 Awesome DIY Watercolor Projects

DIY Watercolor Projects

I don’t really need a spe­cific DIY to get excited about water­col­ors. At our house, it’s one of our favorite medi­ums for get­ting creative—it’s low mess, easy cleanup, and you can get beau­ti­ful results with­out tons of skill. My daugh­ter and I have been paint­ing with water­col­ors together since she was 2!

Appar­ently watercolor-esque effects are pos­si­ble way beyond the page. Take a look at these DIY projects that mimic water­col­ors, or use real water­col­ors for some sur­pris­ing results!

12 DIY Watercolor Techniques

12 DIY Water­color Tech­niques
via The All New Adven­tures of Corey Marie

If all you’ve done with water­col­ors is paint, check out these fun water­color tech­niques – I’ve always loved the salt method!

DIY Watercolor Circle Paintings

Water­color Cir­cle Paint­ings
via Small for Big

My friend Bar cre­ated these won­der­ful water­color paint­ings with her kids – what a great way to turn a sim­ple medium into a no-fail art project!

DIY Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

Water­color Por­trait Tuto­r­ial
via Grow Cre­ative

This stun­ning water­color por­trait is some­thing even a non-artist can do. I can’t wait to give it a try with my daughter’s image.

DIY Watercolor Magnetic Shadow Boxes

DIY Water­color Mag­netic Shadow Boxes
via Melissa Esplin

Much more sophis­ti­cated than my mag­nets from Wall Drug, these sweet mag­nets are each a mini work of art all on it’s own.

DIY Ombre Watercolor Shoes

DIY Ombre Water­color Shoes
via Lovely Indeed

Give your kids the chance to cre­ate their own back-to-school wardrobe. Because every kid I know wants to doodle/paint on their shoes at some point.

DIY Watercolor Cookies

DIY Water­color Cook­ies
via One Charm­ing Party

Even food can get in on the action – I won­der if you could apply this same tech­nique to fon­dant on a cake? Now that would be an amaz­ing birth­day cake.