6 Awesome DIY Watercolor Projects

DIY Watercolor Projects

I don’t really need a specific DIY to get excited about watercolors. At our house, it’s one of our favorite mediums for getting creative—it’s low mess, easy cleanup, and you can get beautiful results without tons of skill. My daughter and I have been painting with watercolors together since she was 2!

Apparently watercolor-esque effects are possible way beyond the page. Take a look at these DIY projects that mimic watercolors, or use real watercolors for some surprising results!

12 DIY Watercolor Techniques

12 DIY Watercolor Techniques
via The All New Adventures of Corey Marie

If all you’ve done with watercolors is paint, check out these fun watercolor techniques – I’ve always loved the salt method!

DIY Watercolor Circle Paintings

Watercolor Circle Paintings
via Small for Big

My friend Bar created these wonderful watercolor paintings with her kids – what a great way to turn a simple medium into a no-fail art project!

DIY Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

Watercolor Portrait Tutorial
via Grow Creative

This stunning watercolor portrait is something even a non-artist can do. I can’t wait to give it a try with my daughter’s image.

DIY Watercolor Magnetic Shadow Boxes

DIY Watercolor Magnetic Shadow Boxes
via Melissa Esplin

Much more sophisticated than my magnets from Wall Drug, these sweet magnets are each a mini work of art all on it’s own.

DIY Ombre Watercolor Shoes

DIY Ombre Watercolor Shoes
via Lovely Indeed

Give your kids the chance to create their own back-to-school wardrobe. Because every kid I know wants to doodle/paint on their shoes at some point.

DIY Watercolor Cookies

DIY Watercolor Cookies
via One Charming Party

Even food can get in on the action – I wonder if you could apply this same technique to fondant on a cake? Now that would be an amazing birthday cake.

  • http://www.northstory.ca/ Alex

    Oh how do I love these! thanks for sharing! I’ll def be trying this with my kids.

  • http://www.smallforbig.com/ small for big

    That’s great news Alex! Let us know how things turn out!

  • Natalie

    this is a great post. i love the big dots. super striking and seemingly easy to be successful. thanks!

  • cathyd

    I have done the portraits and loved the way they came out! Grandparents gifts!

  • http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/ Handmade Charlotte

    So glad to hear it, send pics if you can!

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