Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes

DIY Toy Soldier Costume DIY Toy Soldier Costume

This DIY toy sol­dier cos­tume is one of the coolest I’ve seen yet. Head over to Wild Ink Press for details.

DIY Bat Costume for Halloween

If the toy sol­dier cos­tume seems too daunt­ing, here’s a sim­ple do-it-yourself  bat cos­tume   that only requires a long sleeve t–shirt and basic sewing skills. Visit Alphamom to down­load the tuto­r­ial and print­able mask.

DIY Rain Cloud Costume

Dress up your lit­tle one as a tiny rain cloud with this DIY tuto­r­ial from The Train To Crazy. The per­fect photo opp!

  • Julia F

    my hus­band and I love the toy sol­dier cos­tume. incred­i­bly creative!

  • Eleni

    Oh! Just look at all these cuties! Love the rain cloud costume!

  • hand­made charlotte

    isn’t it adorable?