Double Murphy Bunk Bed for Kids

Double Murphy Bunk Beds for Kids

For big families living in not-so-big spaces, sharing rooms is simply a fact of life. The Dumbo Double Murphy Bed by Roberto Gil is a perfection solution for making the most of the limited space. When not in use, the ingenious bunk bed folds into a small cabinet only 12″ deep.

Double Murphy Bunk Beds for Kids

All this does come at a price, however. It can be purchased directly from the Casa Kids website for $3,200.

  • WhitneyG

    I love this bed. We also have a large family and lack extra space, this looks like the perfect bunkbed!!

  • Melissa Kojima

    I love it. I could see this is a Japanese or Tokyo apartment too where space is optimized to the max!

  • StEdKRu

    These are WAY overpriced. A kit is about a fifth of the overall cost. I’ll build my own. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m a woodworker by trade?

  • Julie

    definitely overpriced….will you make your own plan on how to build these or do you think there is a plan out there on google?

  • Juan Pablo Ordaz

    I ll make my own like everybody else Hahahaha only a little better

  • Steven Sanchez

    Where can u get that Murphy kit.

  • StEdKRu

    If you go to you can order the hardware that comes with plans for a singles bed. If you’ve got some woodworking skills you could design a double or even copy what’s above.

  • StEdKRu

    I’d like to make plans to sell but there’s that whole “I followed the plans and my kid got hurt” thing I’d rather not be part of. Yes there are those who may not pull that card but some might have an it by finger.