Driftwood Sculptures

driftwood sculptures Artist Heather Jansch Driftwood Sculptures

It takes artist Heather Jan­sch up to three years too cre­ate these drift­wood sculp­tures, made entirely of drift­wood that she finds washed up on the beach. She has cre­ated almost 100 wooden horses, each stand­ing at about 17 hands (five and a half feet).

  • Sally

    What vision! Artists amaze me.

  • http://www.henatayeb.blogspot.com/ hena tayeb

    wow.. that is amazing

  • hand­madero­mance

    absolutely amaz­ing!

  • hand­madero­mance

    absolutely amaz­ing!

  • http://www.bythebaytreasures.com/ Cheryl


  • Nacho DeGarvo

    WHOAH.…..google deb­o­rah but­ter­field. suspicious.….

  • http://www.handmadecharlotte.com hand­made charlotte

    Wow–unless there’s some seri­ous syn­chronic­ity going on here, this def­i­nitely rides the fine line between inspi­ra­tion and imitation.

  • leanne

    its so incred­able how the hard mate­ri­als can dis­play such a soft look these horses look so real­is­tic i love them!!!!!!!!!