Easiest DIY Bookshelves EVER

Easiest DIY Bookshelf ever - just wine boxes & binder clips! Easiest DIY Bookshelf ever - just wine boxes & binder clips! binder clips

Sim­ple is best when it comes to design, and it doesn’t get much sim­pler than these DIY book­shelves. All you need are a few empty wine boxes and some binder clips. How cool is that?

via so leb’ ich


  • Mett Jakob­sen

    It looks awsome, pretty neat and bril­liant idea. Thank you for sharing :-)

  • von hand zu hand

    wow. i really have to try this!

    I linked to your tuto­r­ial on my blog -
    thanks for sharing!

    doro K.

  • https://twitter.com/ScandinavianMum Lit­tle Scandinavian

    Mod­u­lar book­shelves has been on my mind a while, from Mon­tana and Voice, This looks (almost) as good, and it’s way cheaper! Thanks!

  • melissa ahamad

    Lovely as always!


  • Mary Alice Martinez

    These are awesome!!!!!

  • Matrioshka shop

    Very beau­ti­fully and unusu­ally.…!

  • ger­ald berke

    wine boxes? where do you get such wine boxes? lovely

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherri.ingberklein Sherri Ingber-Klein

    would love direc­tions if pos­si­ble. will be dis­play­ing my baked goods for a wine pair­ing expo, and this would be a per­fect way for me to dis­play my prod­uct. i love this!!!!! thank you
    sherri .……sherriklein523@yahoo.com

  • kh

    exce­lent for hip­ster, but when you get a fam­ily with small kids…

  • Amy­Cat

    Actu­ally, they’re birch ply­wood boxes purpose-made by a Euro­pean com­pany, NOT re-purposed wine crates; the small­est box on the orig­i­nal designer’s web­site costs over 20 Euros (I think about US$35). I think the full set as shown in the pho­tos is over US$1,000, and that doesn’t even count the over­seas shipping.