Easy Recycling Crafts For Kids

DIY Tiny Sumo Wrestler Bowling Pins for Kids, made from recycled plastic bottles - too cute!

Plas­tic Bot­tle Sumo Bowl­ing Pins
visit sugar and dots for tutorial

I’m totally in love with these tiny sumo wrestler bowl­ing pins. Your kids are sure to get a kick out of set­ting the lit­tle wrestlers up, knock­ing them down, and watch­ing them roll around…again and again. Sim­ple craft, big fun!

DIY Cereal Box Animal Printables -  fun recycled craft for kids

Recy­cled Cereal Box Ani­mal Print­a­bles
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Got some empty cereal boxes? Why let all that card­board go to waste when you can reuse it to cre­ate your own zoo? Stronger than paper, cereal boxes pro­vide the addi­tional sta­bil­ity your lit­tle ani­mals need to stay on their feet.

DIY Cardboard Whale & Bunny Tissue Box Holders

Recy­cled Card­board Whale & Bunny Tis­sue Box Hold­ers
visit pink stripey socks for tutorial

These cute  and col­or­ful tis­sue box hold­ers are the per­fect craft to cheer up your lit­tle ones dur­ing sick days. But why stop at whale and bunny? Encour­age them to use their imag­i­na­tion and cre­ate ani­mal shapes of their own!

  • Leslie

    Wow! Thanks so much for fea­tur­ing my crafts (or crapts, as I like to call them) on your lovely blog. :)

  • http://twitter.com/lil_white_whale Glo­ria

    The sumo bowl­ing pins made me laugh — what a cre­ative idea!

  • Me contó un petirrojo

    The sumo bowl­ing pins are great!!! I have to keep bottles!!!

  • http://twitter.com/smallroar Matt Alli­son

    Oh my good­ness! I LOVE those Sumo bot­tle pins, adorable. Why can’t all recy­cled craft be this fun? I’m so grate­ful that you curate such great selec­tions. Thanks!

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