Etsy Gift Guide: A Toy Collector’s Christmas

Etsy Gift Guide: A Toy Collector's Christmas

Who said Christ­mas was just for lit­tle ones? I like to think that I’m still a big kid at heart, and I have a soft spot for vin­tage toys. If you’re a col­lec­tor like me, you’ll always have your eyes peeled for that one spe­cial find, “the” per­fect addi­tion to your vin­tage collection.

Call me whim­si­cal, call me nos­tal­gic, but most of the time I’d say they just don’t make toys like they used to. Obvi­ously, inter­na­tional toy safety require­ments have evolved, mean­ing that many objects from yes­ter­year are no longer “fit” for lit­tle fin­gers, but they can be used for dis­play, and will always add a unique, play­ful touch to a nurs­ery, child’s room or an office/work space, if you’re a child at heart like me.

For today’s selec­tion, I’ve picked six col­or­ful clas­sics to perk up your home, pro­vide some cre­ative inspi­ra­tion, and per­haps remind you of the good ole’ days. Enjoy!

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Czech Magnetic Puzzle

Czech Mag­netic Puz­zle
Avail­able for $35 from Mid­Mod­ern Goods

I’m pretty sure that this much-sought after Czech mag­net puz­zle can still pro­vide hours of fun. Made by the state toy fac­tory ToFa in for­mer Czecho­slo­va­kia, these col­or­ful shapes will inspire the whole fam­ily to make funny faces and invent funny sto­ries every day if you leave them within everyone’s reach. A vin­tage must-have collector’s item, in my opinion.

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Playskool Pull Toy

Playskool Pull Toy
Avail­able for $33 from Olive & Frances

Wooden pull toys have been amus­ing chil­dren for gen­er­a­tions, and this 1950’s Dolly Pull by Playskool is no excep­tion. Despite over fifty years’ of ser­vice, the toy appears to be in good clean con­di­tion, although, I per­son­ally think these lit­tle fel­lows would look strik­ing on a shelf in a nurs­ery or a lit­tle one’s room. Col­or­ful and quirky, this sim­ple find has oodles of vin­tage charm.

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Vintage Bell Set

Vin­tage Bell Set
Avail­able for $55 from Elis­a­beth Rosen Art

Another orig­i­nal collector’s item for lit­tle and big kids alike. Every­one loves musi­cal instru­ments, but when they date back to the 50’s and are as col­or­ful and as pleas­ing to the eye as these, you really can’t go wrong. Aside from their musi­cal appeal, this com­plete octave of eight bells made by Knicker­bocker, USA, would make a lovely vin­tage fea­ture in a play space in your home.

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Noah’s Ark Play Set by Creative Playthings

Noah’s Ark Play Set by Cre­ative Play­things
Avail­able for $40 from Swear To Mod

Noah’s Ark sets are one of my favorite toys, along with vin­tage vehi­cles, build­ing blocks and the­atres. This 1970’s Cre­ative Play­things’ flat-pack sets looks to be in rea­son­able con­di­tion and would make many a child and par­ent happy. Bright and cheer­ful, this is cer­tainly good enough to leave out on dis­play, or use for play (watch out for those small parts, please).

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Transogram Dart Game

Tran­so­gram Dart Game
Avail­able for $45 from Hope and Joy Home

Kids love any­thing to do with car­ni­vals and I think this unusual tran­so­gram dart game would make a fan­tas­tic fea­ture in a teen’s room or fam­ily play space. I love the bright graph­ics on the spin­ning wheel, and over­all, the game seems in rea­son­able con­di­tion. A nice way to add a retro touch to a home, espe­cially if you col­lect US cir­cus /carnival memorabilia.

Etsy Vintage Toy Finds: Dr. Doodle Duck

Dr. Doo­dle Duck
Avail­able for $59.99 from Amelia Jane Vintage

I’ve never been a great lover of plas­tic Fisher Price toys but the ear­lier, wooden mod­els are beau­ti­ful. Dr Doo­dle Duck here has been well played with (1960’s) and shows signs of age. How­ever, he can still do his thing, should you choose to use him as a toy, and would make a very cute dec­o­ra­tive fea­ture in a child’s room. Inspired to start a Fisher Price Toy col­lec­tion, why not?