Family Game Night Part 2: Pre-Game Checklist

Printable Family Game NIght Checklist

It’s time for part two in our count­down to fam­ily game night! Last week, we got every­one pumped for the Wii U Fam­ily Game Night Bat­tle Royale with the Offi­cial Chal­lenger Kit print­able. Now we’re count­ing down the days until the big night.

First, we’ve got a free print­able count­down check­list (down­load here) to help you get ready for the big night. Next, we scoured the web and found the per­fect recipes for seri­ous gamers…

Homemade Potato Chip Recipe

Every gamer knows potato chips are a cen­ter­piece to game night. Here’s a recipe from Cup­Cakes and CrabLegs for home­made potato chips that pack a big­ger crunch than chips from the store.

Mini Pizza Recipe

You can’t for­get the pizza! Here a sim­ple recipe from food + words for deli­cious mini piz­zas with pro­sciutto, fontina, and caramelized onions. Yum!

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

You’ll def­i­nitely need some deli­cious cook­ies for the big night. It doesn’t get any more deca­dent than this recipe for choco­late chip cook­ies stuffed with Oreos from Becky Bakes.

Cocoa Banana Almond Smoothie

Where would the ath­letes be with­out pro­tein shakes? These healthy cocoa banana almond smooth­ies from off­beat & inspired should do the trick :)

Stay tuned for part three of our fam­ily game night series!

My fam­ily game night is spon­sored by Wii U. How U will play next! Click here for a chance to win a Wii U™ Deluxe Set and $5,000 to take your fam­ily on vacation!

  • Explore*Handmade

    The mini piz­zas and shakes look absolutely delicious!

  • Tiffany | off­beat & inspired

    Thanks so much for men­tion­ing our smooth­ies! :) Great roundup! I’ll def­i­nitely be try­ing the piz­zas and chips!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Hi Tiffany,

    Those smooth­ies will be on the list for game night–4 sure ! What an awe­some recipe!

    Thanks Again,


  • hand­made charlotte

    Hi Explore,

    Thanks for stop­ping in again.:) I agree the smooth­ies look amaz­ing. We’ll be mak­ing them for sure.


  • Bliss Fos­ter

    Oh man, I’m so tempted by those oreo choco­late chip cookies.

  • Bliss Fos­ter

    Ooo, I know what blog I’m vis­it­ing next…

  • Bliss Fos­ter

    The pizza is won­der­ful. I made some last week!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Those cook­ies look crazy amaz­ing! I’m going to make them for sure!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Hi guys,

    We made that recipe for the Bat­tle Royal party and it was really tasty! I highly recommend!



  • hand­made charlotte

    Hi Bliss,

    Tons and Tons of awe­some recipes!

    Game On!


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