Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

It’s time for part three in our fam­ily game night series! Last week, we shared a col­lec­tion of deli­cious snacks and recipes for game night. Now we’re ready for the big show­down! We invited over a fam­ily of friends for a lit­tle friendly com­pe­ti­tion and wanted to share all the awe­some fam­ily fun we had.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

Our friends Sun­shine and Kevin Black brought their cutie pie kids over to chal­lenge our crew. After some stretch­ing and a pep talk, we munched down on some seri­ous snacks and started the play­time. The older boys loved adding some tiger stripes for extra ferocity.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

The kids were really excited to have their best pals over to pay the Wii U and enjoy the com­pe­ti­tion. One of my favorite aspects of the game Nin­tendo Land is that the matches are all fun but fairly short. That way, the change ups could stay fast and furi­ous. Every­one always felt like they were involved.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

We split up the couches into makeshift bleach­ers for the big night. It’s easy to for­get how much room your liv­ing room has until you move all your fur­ni­ture and really start to play. The sta­dium seat­ing added some great inten­sity to the night.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

They had a ton of fun in Nin­tendo Land as they cheered on their broth­ers and sis­ters! Most of the games require a good amount of team work and with it being so cold lately, we were happy to have a nice warm night inside with some snacks.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

Mur­phy was intent on stay­ing safely hid­den while the oth­ers ran around Nin­tendo Land try­ing to find him. The Wii U Pad con­troller has its own screen so hide-and-seek games are super fun. The find­ers use the tv and the hiders just use the pad screen. Genius!

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

All that fun with the Wii U makes you thirsty, so Mur­phy slurped up a berry smoothie. After he pow­ered up, it was back to the Bat­tle Royale! We had so much fun with our friends and hope they’ll be back soon for another awe­some fam­ily game night.

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  • Sun­shine Black

    This was such a GREAT idea! Kids AND par­ents had a blast!!! Let’s have another round soon!!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Hi Sun­shine,

    We loved it! That was a blast and your hand­made pizza was great!



  • Bliss Fos­ter

    Nice! I’m glad to see this turned out so well.

  • Kara Cole

    How fun! This looks like such a blast. We love a good friendly com­pe­ti­tion at our house. What a great way to spend some time with friends and the WHOLE family!

  • Melissa Kojima

    Sounds like a really fun night for all. Home­made pizza and berry smooth­ies too? I’m there next time!!!! Hehe­heee! Do you ever play board games?