Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

It’s time for part three in our family game night series! Last week, we shared a collection of delicious snacks and recipes for game night. Now we’re ready for the big showdown! We invited over a family of friends for a little friendly competition and wanted to share all the awesome family fun we had.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

Our friends Sunshine and Kevin Black brought their cutie pie kids over to challenge our crew. After some stretching and a pep talk, we munched down on some serious snacks and started the playtime. The older boys loved adding some tiger stripes for extra ferocity.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

The kids were really excited to have their best pals over to pay the Wii U and enjoy the competition. One of my favorite aspects of the game Nintendo Land is that the matches are all fun but fairly short. That way, the change ups could stay fast and furious. Everyone always felt like they were involved.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

We split up the couches into makeshift bleachers for the big night. It’s easy to forget how much room your living room has until you move all your furniture and really start to play. The stadium seating added some great intensity to the night.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

They had a ton of fun in Nintendo Land as they cheered on their brothers and sisters! Most of the games require a good amount of team work and with it being so cold lately, we were happy to have a nice warm night inside with some snacks.

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

Murphy was intent on staying safely hidden while the others ran around Nintendo Land trying to find him. The Wii U Pad controller has its own screen so hide-and-seek games are super fun. The finders use the tv and the hiders just use the pad screen. Genius!

Family Game Night Part 3: The Showdown

All that fun with the Wii U makes you thirsty, so Murphy slurped up a berry smoothie. After he powered up, it was back to the Battle Royale! We had so much fun with our friends and hope they’ll be back soon for another awesome family game night.

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  • Sunshine Black

    This was such a GREAT idea! Kids AND parents had a blast!!! Let’s have another round soon!!

  • handmade charlotte

    Hi Sunshine,

    We loved it! That was a blast and your handmade pizza was great!



  • Bliss Foster

    Nice! I’m glad to see this turned out so well.

  • Kara Cole

    How fun! This looks like such a blast. We love a good friendly competition at our house. What a great way to spend some time with friends and the WHOLE family!

  • Melissa Kojima

    Sounds like a really fun night for all. Homemade pizza and berry smoothies too? I’m there next time!!!! Heheheee! Do you ever play board games?