Far East Fetish

A few items from Japan­ese hand­made mar­ket­place iichi that recently caught my eye…

Handmade Wood LEGO Blocks from iichi

Mokurokku Blocks
avail­able for $32 from sotokoto

Handmade Wooden Chairs and Case from iichi

Book Stool
avail­able for $270 from hakogu

Handmade Wooden Toy Cars from iichi

Wooden Sports Cars
avail­able for $37 and up from fq design

Handmade Wooden Toy Theater from iichi

Mini Wood The­ater
avail­able for $56 from toshiyuki okada

Handmade Scarf for Kids from iichi

Moja Scarf
avail­able for $29 from mono cir­cus

Handmade Wooden Toy Padlock from iichi

Key of the Tree Toy Pad­lock
avail­able for $50 from soetaku­ra­futo

  • Helen Bird

    oh, that wooden the­ater is just super!

  • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.beau.9 Deb­o­rah Beau


  • Jill Hei­dinger Pauli

    These are so cool!

  • https://twitter.com/besmalucy Besma

    These are gor­geous! Wooden toys always seem to last the longest too. I still have a pretty pris­tine wooden dolls house tucked away some­where… :) x