12 Ideas for Indoor Play

Indoor Play Swing

Fall is a still a great time to let kids enjoy out­door play­ing. You can ask them to help rake the fallen leaves in the yard and let them enjoy the fresh breeze. But when the weather pre­vents them from going out­side for their daily dose of exer­cise and sports, how about some indoor gym­nas­tics and other fun structures?

Here is a round up of our favorite indoor swings and gym acces­sories. Who knows, you may find out you have a future Olympic gym­nast at home and you didn’t even know it!

Indoor Swing

Beam Swing
via Madog Bolig

This min­i­mal­ist approach to this swing is great for a com­mon play­room where you want to add a sub­tle touch of fun.

Indoor Doorjam Swing

Indoor Door­jam Swing
via Varpunen

Lack of space doesn’t have to stop you from installing a swing—any old door jam will do. I love how this mono­chro­matic look allows an oth­er­wise impos­ing object to blend right in.

Indoor Swing

Plank Swing
via 101 Woonideeën

Swings are a favorite gender-blind acces­sory to kids’ play spaces. This plank swing adds a bit of rus­tic to the room. The hard­est part will be decid­ing whose turn it is among sib­lings. Count­less hours of guar­an­teed fun!

Indoor Play Ladder

DIY Kid’s Lad­der
tuto­r­ial avail­able from BoligLiv

These mounted pal­lets dou­ble as a play lad­der and stor­age space. If kids aren’t inter­ested in hang­ing around on it, you can ditch the cloth wraps and hang plants and books on it instead.

swing charlotte4 Photo by Krista Keltanen via designmilk

Wall Hang­ing
via designmilk

A Swedish gym­nas­tics wall-mounted lad­der brings instant fun and lots of workouts!

Swing Hooks

Swing Hooks
avail­able for $135 from the Col­lec­tion

These mobile swing hooks by Cheva­lier Mas­son can be attached—and just as eas­ily removed—to a room’s ceil­ing beams.

KIds Indoor Playsets

There are many other options to enter­tain your kid indoors, from gym­nast rings to a float­ing lad­der to a climb­ing wall.

Indoor Hanging Rings

Gym­nas­tic Rings
via Bolig Pluss

These gym­nas­tic rings are a great way for big kids to take a healthy home­work break.

Indoor Rope Ladder

Rope Lad­der
via Femke Pastijn

A sus­pended lad­der inspires ran­dom doses of exer­cise and makes for an inter­est­ing install­ment in any room.

Indoor Climbing Tree

Climb­ing Tree
via Kaja Osholm Kjølås

We’re lov­ing the Buskas climb­ing tree by Nor­we­gian designer Kaja Osholm Kjølas—sadly still only a pro­to­type at this time.

Colorful Indoor Climbing Wall

Col­or­ful Climb­ing Wall
via Fem­ina

What a cleaver way to tire kids out just in time for lights out! Kids will love scal­ing into bed with this col­or­ful climb­ing wall.

Indoor Tire Swing

Indoor Tire Swing
via Skona Hem

A sim­ple tire swing attached to a ceil­ing stud will also do the trick!

Pic­tured at the top of this post: High and Low Swings via Melanie Acevedo