Felt Toys by Corby Tindersticks

Corby Tindersticks

I totally fell in love with the whim­si­cal world of Corby Tin­der­sticks when I came across their col­lec­tion of toys and dolls on Paul & Paula a while back, but I never got around to post­ing them. Today they popped up on my radar again via Molly-Meg on Face­book and I sim­ply had to share them.

The toys are hand­made in the UK by Carly Gled­hill, who counts the leg­endary Ital­ian designer Bruno Munari among her influ­ences. That would explain my instant attrac­tion to her work!

Rainbow Robot felt toys by Corby Tindersticks

These Rain­bow Robot felt toys are a per­sonal favorite. Unlike the typ­i­cal robot, they’re made from 100% wool felt so they’re soft and cud­dly. You can pick them up at molly-meg for £9 each (roughly $15 USD).

Interactive Felt Weather Map by Corby Tindersticks Interactive Felt Weather Map by Corby Tindersticks

The Inter­ac­tive Felt Weather Map is such a cool con­cept. Each map is hand sewn with 8 weather sym­bols and quirky lit­tle char­ac­ters to play with. It’s avail­able at molly-meg for £25 (roughly $40 USD).

Business cards by Carly Gledhill of Corby Tindersticks

Carly’s “busi­ness slugs” are hands-down the coolest busi­ness cards ever. You wouldn’t have to worry about one of these get­ting tossed!