Free Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Every­one loves the tooth fairy. What’s not to love? Loose a tooth, get a prize. Here’s a fun project to make the expe­ri­ence more mem­o­rable. All you need are a few basic craft sup­plies and our free down­load­able template.

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

What You Need

  • 8.5 x 11-inch card stock (white or cream)
  • Ruler
  • Scis­sors or util­ity knife
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Print­able tem­plate (down­load here)
DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 1: Print & Cut The Tem­plate
Down­load the tooth fairy notes tem­plate and print on 8.5 in. x 11 in. white or cream card stock paper. Using your util­ity knife or scis­sors, cut along the dot­ted line for each enve­lope & note.

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 2: Assem­ble The Envelopes
Fold the tabs of the two envelopes and apply tape or glue. Press together and hold for a few sec­onds, long enough for the glue to set.

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 3: Add Your Child’s Note To The Tooth Fairy
Now it’s time for your lit­tle one to fill out the note to the tooth fairy. Read­ing the note from your child is the best part of the project.

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 4: The Pay­out
Place the “tooth reward” in the enve­lope from the tooth fairy. Bonus points for includ­ing a two dol­lar bill or a sil­ver dol­lar. This will be your child’s favorite part of the project, of course.

Happy craft­ing!

Illus­tra­tions by Tracy Wag­ner for Hand­made Charlotte.

  • Kelly Galvin Tirman

    These are so adorable. My old­est is only 3 but I am going to pin it so I don’t forget!

  • Claire Strat­ford

    What per­fect tim­ing — my 6 year old has her first loose tooth right now. :)

  • Heather in Cen­tral IL

    Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for the Tooth Fairy Print­out. Wait­ing for my 6 year old daugh­ter to loose her 1st tooth. I love to make it spe­cial for the kids, with my old­est son I wasted so much time surf­ing the web for “free” down­loads, only to be spammed and frus­trated. So I really appre­ci­ate hav­ing this on hand. Thanks again:-)

  • hand­made charlotte

    I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Read­ing your com­ment made my day :)

  • Dil­bug

    Hi there, I love the idea of leav­ing a note like this one from the Tooth Fairy. I’ve tried search­ing your site for the free Print­out but have had no luck find­ing it? I found the party plan­ning list, but not this one. Can you help?

  • Rebecca Cooper

    These are so, so sweet! :)

  • Kinikelle

    Oh my good­ness this print­able is just beau­ti­ful. My daugh­ter is about to lose her first tooth. Thanks

  • gold­e­lox

    I love this! My daugh­ter is only 4 but how fun it will be when she gets to the age of loos­ing teeth. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lucy Mills

    thanks so much! this is great!

  • Eri­caF

    What a sweet print­able! Thank you so much! <3 I can’t wait to see how excited my daugh­ter is to receive this tomorrow!

  • E BETH

    pfft, Anony­mous. A dol­lar? It’s 2013. Don’t be a cheapskate ;)

  • vand­jarcher

    My son wrote his first let­ter to the tooth fairy tonight—I wish you had a print­able for a return let­ter. Any chance you have one in the works? My son wants to know what her cas­tle looks like so I think I“ll print a pic­ture of a fairy gar­den since I don’t have any fairy sta­tion­ary to write back. :)

  • Hand­made Charlotte

    Won­der­ful idea! We’ll see what we can do…