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LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator

There are some items I don’t need to write down for my weekly trip to the market – milk, bread, cheese, eggs, and wine are always going to be in the cart. When it comes to snacks, hubby and the kids have their individual favorites that are starting to become rote as well. But knowing what I’m going to buy at the store doesn’t keep the mommy guilt from creeping in every now and then – I’m a sucker for convenience too, but things that are quick and easy aren’t always the best for my family.

So in an effort to eat healthier, serve better foods, and enjoy truly tasty delights, let’s get back to basics and think about the family-friendly foods that’ll satisfy everyone in the house. The following items can pull double duty as a main course and snack, and they can be easy enough to grab even when you’re late, running out the door, and have zero time to rummage in the fridge:

  • Get fruity: It’s a no-brainer, but fresh fruit is so often overlooked. Along with making fruit one of the first snack options for your kids, implement it in main courses and as dessert. It’s hard to compete with orange chicken, a green apple salad, or strawberries and whipped cream to end the meal.
  • Versatile veggies: When you’re planning your meals for the week, choose the vegetables that will get you the most mileage and which will work well either hot or cold. Broccoli is delish in a stir-fry, but it’s also a great snack with some dip or cheese. Cucumbers will freshen up any salad and leftover slices can serve as the stuffing for kid-sized finger sandwiches.
  • Go grandiose: There’s nothing wrong with cooking a 10-pound turkey for your family of four. It’ll give you a great sit-down meal and serve as a healthy, delicious snack for the rest of the week. Easy turkey sandwiches for lunch or turkey and cheese for snack time.

You’ll feel especially satisfied by your efforts to get your family to eat better when you adopt healthy snacking habits in your household too. Put your applicable leftovers in portion-sized baggies and keep ‘em handy in the fridge. Feel like your refrigerator is a black hole for any small servings? It might be time to upgrade to a model that will give you the space you need without relegating tasty leftovers to the back corners of overcrowded shelves.

LG Electronics’ Super-Capacity 3 Door French Door Refrigerator lets you stash your snackage in a handy, organized fashion with their new Door-in-Door feature. It keeps the main part of your fridge cool – and everything in it – while hubby and the kids choose their baggie du jour of fresh fruit slices, veggie chunks, or meaty morsels. Check out the Door-in-Door Refrigerator on LG Electronics USA’s Facebook page (those “Food Fight” videos are sure to get your kids’ brains whirring) for a chance to win your own new super-organized fridge. The LG sweepstakes starts July 16.

Comment on which of your favorite Go-to foods you would put in the Door-in-Door feature for easy access for a chance to win a $100 gift card! Click here for official rules.

This post is sponsored by LG Electronics. 

  • Angela Park

    individual fruit and veggie snack packs…little baggies of grapes, carrots, apples, etc.

  • Kelly Cole White

    I would probably turn that extra door into the ‘kids door’. They stand in front of the fridge with the door open trying to find all their goodies – Gogurts, string cheese, fruit cups, etc. I would load up that door with items that are specificially theirs as well as the snack bags of veggies and fruits I make up. Hopefully…that would curb the amount of time they stand with it open!

  • Sara Jardena

    this is such a crazy/smart concept!! I’d stock up on cheeses, fruits, and juice :)

  • Jenn Chittick

    Selzter, cubed cheeses, cherry tomatos, the kids water bottles and yogart

  • Jean Sweeton

    I’m with Kelly, the Kids door is perfect. I would probably keep things what we get out a lot there too!

  • Gia

    Yogurt! also fresh fruit like strawberries and watermelon cut into bite sizes (we fill up small mason jars with them) and Mozzarella Sticks!

  • Nicole

    this is awesome! Cheese sticks and orange cups, for sure!!

  • Tina Andersen Sharlow

    I would love to make it a kids door with snacks and drinks that they can get by themselves, or frequently accessed items to reduce energy usage by opening the entire door.

  • LAPLibrarian

    milk, milk, and more milk. we have growing bones in this house!

  • Jane

    definitely drinks and kids snacks would go in that door! having fruits and veggies readily accessible will make it easier for our littles to choose a healthy snack!

  • Ashley

    This is great and I know exactly the guilty feeling you are refering to…it’s hard work trying to make sure you provide a healthy meal for you as a family is a full time job on top of my already full time job and I shouldn’t make excuses but it is so easy to just grab something quick & easy (ie processed food) rather than taking the time to cook and prepare a good & healthy meal…I put my foot down this past spring and my 4 year old and I planted a great garden!! He loved it and it was a joy to see his excitement as the plants grew and watch his veggie produce…although it was a little tricky trying to make him wait until the peppers, carrots, tomatoes, squash and etc grew to thier full capacity as he was so excited to pick them! I can’t wait for next year he’s already thought of All the addittional veggies he wants to plant! we have a small apt style fridge/freezer so having something lik this would be so great because I’d be able to store the to extend thoer life and freeze our veggies for winter :-)

  • Janice Davis Prytz

    I would keep milk, soda and yogurt, there. This is a great fridge.

  • Amy

    Door-in-door would be the perfect spot for yogurt and fruits. That is a stunning fridge – I want!

  • Jennifer Walker

    Milk, peanut butter, jam, and items packed for lunches

  • Hillary Otis

    Fruitd, string cheese and yogurt – all my sons favorite snacks for easy access

  • TInsalaco

    Juice boxes and small fruits as snacks for my son, he would love to be able to serve himself healthy options.

  • Shauntay Malkind

    Juices for sure!

  • Caitlin Parsons

    I would def. put juice boxes, lemonade, iced tea, and greek yogurt

  • Jamie Kingston

    I would put the kids snacks in there with juice boxes and such. Quick and easy fruit slices are a big hit with my 3 kid and and carrots with ranch is the 2nd top food. Thankfully my kids like the healthy foods. I’d put the adult snack in the top section so it’s easy for us too. And once the new baby is born that’s probably were I would thaw out the breastmilk with extra fresh bottles for those cranky feeding times.

  • Allison Green

    My daughter is telling me string cheese. Like I didn’t already know that. :)

  • Karen

    I would put my diet Pepsi in there. My one year old daughter always tries to get in the door when I want to get a drink.

  • chel7

    I always have a 5lb bag of carrots, tillamock cheese, and a larghe container of yogurt and maple syrup

  • Bunny

    Forget the kid door, they can have the rest! That’ll be the Me door! I can put my yogurt in there (You have your own yogurts. Did I say you could have a Mommy yogurt? Noooo, put that back), canned soft drinks (It’s 8:00 at night, no you may not have a coke. Water!), hidden chocolate chip cookies (No, we don’t have any cookies. Have a yogurt!).
    Oh, the things I could put in Mommy’s Door Not Yours!

  • anna

    This would be a great place to put all of the things I always forget I buy and half of it goes wasted. Apple slices, baby carrots, mini milks, and wee water bottles (ok i know water doesn’t go bad)

  • Valerie

    I love this door! We would keep the yougurt, (everyones special favorites!), string cheese, carrots and ranch, and the milk! My kids drink so much and it is never easy to get to. I would love to be able to have that in an easy place for them to find and take out!

  • ViettiCain

    String cheese and individual fruit cups

  • Jess

    I make my own healthy mini ‘cookies’ (they are only sweetened with fruit, so it’s hard to really call them cookies) and breads for snacking. Since there are no preservatives, they must be refrigerated! We also have a small garden and the veggie and fruit harvests come in waves so we stash a lot in little baggies for on-the-go foods.

  • Erin

    Yogurt cups! The kids want to reach for them all the time, but they fall into all kinds of hard-to-reach places in the fridge!

  • Christy Daniell Creel

    coffee creamer!

  • Jessica Warfield

    It would be fruit cups and other healthy foods that I want me to eat

  • Heather

    I would love this fridge!! Would put lots of fruits, veggies, and milk in the door so it is easy for my kids and myself to snack on!

  • Jeremy

    Yogurt Yogurt and more Yogurt NOM NOM!

  • Penny Lingenfelter Rockar

    Milk & other beverages because my guys are always in & out of the fridge looking for drinks!

  • Jeffrey Luckinbill

    gotta have my green tea readily available those door would make it great