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LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator

There are some items I don’t need to write down for my weekly trip to the mar­ket – milk, bread, cheese, eggs, and wine are always going to be in the cart. When it comes to snacks, hubby and the kids have their indi­vid­ual favorites that are start­ing to become rote as well. But know­ing what I’m going to buy at the store doesn’t keep the mommy guilt from creep­ing in every now and then – I’m a sucker for con­ve­nience too, but things that are quick and easy aren’t always the best for my family.

So in an effort to eat health­ier, serve bet­ter foods, and enjoy truly tasty delights, let’s get back to basics and think about the family-friendly foods that’ll sat­isfy every­one in the house. The fol­low­ing items can pull dou­ble duty as a main course and snack, and they can be easy enough to grab even when you’re late, run­ning out the door, and have zero time to rum­mage in the fridge:

  • Get fruity: It’s a no-brainer, but fresh fruit is so often over­looked. Along with mak­ing fruit one of the first snack options for your kids, imple­ment it in main courses and as dessert. It’s hard to com­pete with orange chicken, a green apple salad, or straw­ber­ries and whipped cream to end the meal.
  • Ver­sa­tile veg­gies: When you’re plan­ning your meals for the week, choose the veg­eta­bles that will get you the most mileage and which will work well either hot or cold. Broc­coli is del­ish in a stir-fry, but it’s also a great snack with some dip or cheese. Cucum­bers will freshen up any salad and left­over slices can serve as the stuff­ing for kid-sized fin­ger sandwiches.
  • Go grandiose: There’s noth­ing wrong with cook­ing a 10-pound turkey for your fam­ily of four. It’ll give you a great sit-down meal and serve as a healthy, deli­cious snack for the rest of the week. Easy turkey sand­wiches for lunch or turkey and cheese for snack time.

You’ll feel espe­cially sat­is­fied by your efforts to get your fam­ily to eat bet­ter when you adopt healthy snack­ing habits in your house­hold too. Put your applic­a­ble left­overs in portion-sized bag­gies and keep ‘em handy in the fridge. Feel like your refrig­er­a­tor is a black hole for any small serv­ings? It might be time to upgrade to a model that will give you the space you need with­out rel­e­gat­ing tasty left­overs to the back cor­ners of over­crowded shelves.

LG Elec­tron­ics’ Super-Capacity 3 Door French Door Refrig­er­a­tor lets you stash your snack­age in a handy, orga­nized fash­ion with their new Door-in-Door fea­ture. It keeps the main part of your fridge cool – and every­thing in it – while hubby and the kids choose their bag­gie du jour of fresh fruit slices, veg­gie chunks, or meaty morsels. Check out the Door-in-Door Refrig­er­a­tor on LG Elec­tron­ics USA’s Face­book page (those “Food Fight” videos are sure to get your kids’ brains whirring) for a chance to win your own new super-organized fridge. The LG sweep­stakes starts July 16.

Com­ment on which of your favorite Go-to foods you would put in the Door-in-Door fea­ture for easy access for a chance to win a $100 gift card! Click here for offi­cial rules.

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  • Angela Park

    indi­vid­ual fruit and veg­gie snack packs…little bag­gies of grapes, car­rots, apples, etc.

  • Kelly Cole White

    I would prob­a­bly turn that extra door into the ‘kids door’. They stand in front of the fridge with the door open try­ing to find all their good­ies — Gogurts, string cheese, fruit cups, etc. I would load up that door with items that are speci­fi­cially theirs as well as the snack bags of veg­gies and fruits I make up. Hopefully…that would curb the amount of time they stand with it open!

  • Sara Jar­dena

    this is such a crazy/smart con­cept!! I’d stock up on cheeses, fruits, and juice :)

  • Jenn Chittick

    Selzter, cubed cheeses, cherry tomatos, the kids water bot­tles and yogart

  • Jean Swee­ton

    I’m with Kelly, the Kids door is per­fect. I would prob­a­bly keep things what we get out a lot there too!

  • Gia

    Yogurt! also fresh fruit like straw­ber­ries and water­melon cut into bite sizes (we fill up small mason jars with them) and Moz­zarella Sticks!

  • Nicole

    this is awe­some! Cheese sticks and orange cups, for sure!!

  • Tina Ander­sen Sharlow

    I would love to make it a kids door with snacks and drinks that they can get by them­selves, or fre­quently accessed items to reduce energy usage by open­ing the entire door.

  • LAPLi­brar­ian

    milk, milk, and more milk. we have grow­ing bones in this house!

  • Jane

    def­i­nitely drinks and kids snacks would go in that door! hav­ing fruits and veg­gies read­ily acces­si­ble will make it eas­ier for our lit­tles to choose a healthy snack!

  • Ash­ley

    This is great and I know exactly the guilty feel­ing you are refer­ing to…it’s hard work try­ing to make sure you pro­vide a healthy meal for you as a fam­ily is a full time job on top of my already full time job and I shouldn’t make excuses but it is so easy to just grab some­thing quick & easy (ie processed food) rather than tak­ing the time to cook and pre­pare a good & healthy meal…I put my foot down this past spring and my 4 year old and I planted a great gar­den!! He loved it and it was a joy to see his excite­ment as the plants grew and watch his veg­gie produce…although it was a lit­tle tricky try­ing to make him wait until the pep­pers, car­rots, toma­toes, squash and etc grew to thier full capac­ity as he was so excited to pick them! I can’t wait for next year he’s already thought of All the addit­tional veg­gies he wants to plant! we have a small apt style fridge/freezer so hav­ing some­thing lik this would be so great because I’d be able to store the to extend thoer life and freeze our veg­gies for winter :-)

  • Jan­ice Davis Prytz

    I would keep milk, soda and yogurt, there. This is a great fridge.

  • Amy

    Door-in-door would be the per­fect spot for yogurt and fruits. That is a stun­ning fridge — I want!

  • Jen­nifer Walker

    Milk, peanut but­ter, jam, and items packed for lunches

  • Hillary Otis

    Fruitd, string cheese and yogurt — all my sons favorite snacks for easy access

  • TIn­salaco

    Juice boxes and small fruits as snacks for my son, he would love to be able to serve him­self healthy options.

  • Shauntay Malkind

    Juices for sure!

  • Caitlin Par­sons

    I would def. put juice boxes, lemon­ade, iced tea, and greek yogurt

  • Jamie Kingston

    I would put the kids snacks in there with juice boxes and such. Quick and easy fruit slices are a big hit with my 3 kid and and car­rots with ranch is the 2nd top food. Thank­fully my kids like the healthy foods. I’d put the adult snack in the top sec­tion so it’s easy for us too. And once the new baby is born that’s prob­a­bly were I would thaw out the breast­milk with extra fresh bot­tles for those cranky feed­ing times.

  • Alli­son Green

    My daugh­ter is telling me string cheese. Like I didn’t already know that. :)

  • Karen

    I would put my diet Pepsi in there. My one year old daugh­ter always tries to get in the door when I want to get a drink.

  • chel7

    I always have a 5lb bag of car­rots, tillam­ock cheese, and a larghe con­tainer of yogurt and maple syrup

  • Bunny

    For­get the kid door, they can have the rest! That’ll be the Me door! I can put my yogurt in there (You have your own yogurts. Did I say you could have a Mommy yogurt? Noooo, put that back), canned soft drinks (It’s 8:00 at night, no you may not have a coke. Water!), hid­den choco­late chip cook­ies (No, we don’t have any cook­ies. Have a yogurt!).
    Oh, the things I could put in Mommy’s Door Not Yours!

  • anna

    This would be a great place to put all of the things I always for­get I buy and half of it goes wasted. Apple slices, baby car­rots, mini milks, and wee water bot­tles (ok i know water doesn’t go bad)

  • Valerie

    I love this door! We would keep the yougurt, (every­ones spe­cial favorites!), string cheese, car­rots and ranch, and the milk! My kids drink so much and it is never easy to get to. I would love to be able to have that in an easy place for them to find and take out!

  • Viet­ti­Cain

    String cheese and indi­vid­ual fruit cups

  • Jess

    I make my own healthy mini ‘cook­ies’ (they are only sweet­ened with fruit, so it’s hard to really call them cook­ies) and breads for snack­ing. Since there are no preser­v­a­tives, they must be refrig­er­ated! We also have a small gar­den and the veg­gie and fruit har­vests come in waves so we stash a lot in lit­tle bag­gies for on-the-go foods.

  • Erin

    Yogurt cups! The kids want to reach for them all the time, but they fall into all kinds of hard-to-reach places in the fridge!

  • Christy Daniell Creel

    cof­fee creamer!

  • Jes­sica Warfield

    It would be fruit cups and other healthy foods that I want me to eat

  • Heather

    I would love this fridge!! Would put lots of fruits, veg­gies, and milk in the door so it is easy for my kids and myself to snack on!

  • Jeremy

    Yogurt Yogurt and more Yogurt NOM NOM!

  • Penny Lin­gen­fel­ter Rockar

    Milk & other bev­er­ages because my guys are always in & out of the fridge look­ing for drinks!

  • Jef­frey Luckinbill

    gotta have my green tea read­ily avail­able those door would make it great