Gypsy Bowtop Caravans

Gypsy Bowtop Caravans Gypsy Bowtop Caravans Gypsy Bowtop Caravans

How cool are these? Gypsy Bow­top Car­a­vans are built in Bris­tol (UK) by Greg Mort.

In his words:
“They gypsy car­a­vans are pro­duced at my work­shop in Bris­tol. They pro­vide ample space for sleep­ing, cook­ing and stor­age. The bed is tra­di­tion­ally built into the full bow width at the rear, with more sleep­ing space below. They can be pur­chased for £9500.”

  • Blog­a­rtists

    They’re AWESOME!
    Happy 2011!

  • Bee­and­lo­tus

    Oh Lordy! This is just what I’ve always wanted! Ever since I was about 5 years old I dreamed of a wagon like this. This makes me think of the Roald Dahl story “Danny, the cham­pion of the world”. If you haven’t read it and have small chil­dren, now is the time to :) a really lovely story.

  • and flow­ers pick themselves

    this is wicked cool! so magical.

    xo Ali­son

  • Hand­madero­mance

    wow these are awe­some thanks for shar­ing!
    best wishes for 2011 x

  • hand­made charlotte

    I really am think­ing of get­ting this beauty! I think it could dou­ble as a guest house? Maybe I could start a bed and break­fast on wheels?
    Thanks for com­ing to my site! XO,Rachel

  • Liz Stan­ley

    say what?? these are incredible!

  • Jen­nifer

    Mercy. This is so beau­ti­ful I could cry.

  • brid­get

    WHAT. i love it.

  • Miz­magg

    –The only thing miss­ing is a toilet!

  • Anony­mous

    I would park this in a for­est and live there for­ever! What an amaz­ing find. Did you end up buy­ing it??

  • hand­made charlotte

    No…but I want too! I want to build some sort of Treehouse..guest house thing…
    I need to just do it! Thanks for com­ment­ing.
    Rachel F