Gypsy Bowtop Caravans

Gypsy Bowtop Caravans Gypsy Bowtop Caravans Gypsy Bowtop Caravans

How cool are these? Gypsy Bowtop Caravans are built in Bristol (UK) by Greg Mort.

In his words:
“They gypsy caravans are produced at my workshop in Bristol. They provide ample space for sleeping, cooking and storage. The bed is traditionally built into the full bow width at the rear, with more sleeping space below. They can be purchased for £9500.”

  • Blogartists

    They’re AWESOME!
    Happy 2011!

  • Beeandlotus

    Oh Lordy! This is just what I’ve always wanted! Ever since I was about 5 years old I dreamed of a wagon like this. This makes me think of the Roald Dahl story “Danny, the champion of the world”. If you haven’t read it and have small children, now is the time to :) a really lovely story.

  • and flowers pick themselves

    this is wicked cool! so magical.

    xo Alison

  • Handmaderomance

    wow these are awesome thanks for sharing!
    best wishes for 2011 x

  • handmade charlotte

    I really am thinking of getting this beauty! I think it could double as a guest house? Maybe I could start a bed and breakfast on wheels?
    Thanks for coming to my site! XO,Rachel

  • Liz Stanley

    say what?? these are incredible!

  • Jennifer

    Mercy. This is so beautiful I could cry.

  • bridget

    WHAT. i love it.

  • Mizmagg

    -The only thing missing is a toilet!

  • Anonymous

    I would park this in a forest and live there forever! What an amazing find. Did you end up buying it??

  • handmade charlotte

    No…but I want too! I want to build some sort of Treehouse..guest house thing…
    I need to just do it! Thanks for commenting.
    Rachel F