Handmade Goods by Folk Fibers

child's moccassins

I’m totally in love with these hand-stitched quilts and children’s moc­casins by Folk Fibers. The pieces are all hand­made in Austin, Texas, by Savan­nah Col­lege of Art & Design grad­u­ate Maura Grace Ambrose, who spent sev­eral years work­ing in preschools and organic farms prior to start­ing open­ing up shop.

A few favorites…

children's mocassins

Children’s Deer­skin Moc­casins
avail­able here for $62

Deer­skin moc­casins hand-cut and assem­bled with red saddle-stitching coated in pure beeswax. Gorgeous!

handmade quilt

Alabama Quilt
avail­able here for $650

Fine dress wool and cot­tons, entirely hand-quilted with pure cot­ton Japan­ese Sashiko thread. The red cross stitches rep­re­sent the Heart of Dixie where tra­di­tions and lega­cies of the Ante­bel­lum South live strongly.

handmade quilt

Col­orado Quilt
avail­able here for $650

Vin­tage wool, linen, and cot­ton fab­rics designed with a fun painterly approach, com­bin­ing sub­tle peach hues with bright and con­trast­ing reds. Sim­ply beautiful!