The Handmade Nursery

etsy handmade baby

Give the gift of hand­made to your baby and they will learn to appre­ci­ate the beauty of some­thing made by hand. Here are a few favorite nurs­ery picks from Etsy.

etsy handmade mobile

The Dream­ing Mouse
avail­able from l’ arte del sogno on etsy

Have you ever seen a hang­ing mobile sweeter than this?

etsy handmade soft toy

No. 15 Bow Tie Boy
avail­able from hand­made romance on etsy

This hand­made soft toy by Aus­tralian artist Evie B. would make a per­fect fin­ish­ing touch for a lit­tle boy’s nursery.

etsy ko-ko-ko shop

Papa Bear Plate
avail­able from ko-ko-ko on etsy

I couldn’t imag­ine a bet­ter set­ting for baby’s first meal. Hand­made in Russia.

  • Savanah Macaulay

    I love these! What a beau­ti­ful way to teach your chil­dren how impor­tant it is that you know from where your prod­ucts come and the work behind mak­ing them :)

  • Jahje / Baby Jives Co

    That bowtie boy is fan­tas­tic! Some of my favorite things in our nurs­ery are hand­made, they will be the things I pack away for the future too.