Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

We all know where this picture is headed - the Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

We all know where this pic­ture is headed. An idea that seemed log­i­cal in the mind of a tod­dler and ends in a mess of epic pro­por­tions. The nitty-gritty details hid­ing behind the scenes of every fam­ily, large or small.

Every fam­ily has their own “Ick-tionary,” a col­lec­tion of words used to describe the inde­scrib­able. Here are the top five kid­die mon­strosi­ties we’ve dis­cov­ered in our home. Go ahead and laugh with us or at us–we all know it’s going on in your home as well.

Let’s pull back the cur­tains on those leg­endary child­hood mem­ory moments to expose the mess left behind…

Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

Solu­tion: Clorox 2® Stain Fighter
The “let’s not call it a mess and ham­per their cre­ative spirit, yet we’ve got to clean this up” mess. What looks right in the mind of a five-year-old doesn’t always mesh with your inte­rior design sen­si­bil­i­ties. Praise ‘em now, bust out the Clorox later!

ick-tionary of epic messes

Solu­tion: Clorox® Dis­in­fect­ing Wipes
The mess every child­hood is defined by. We’re not talk­ing about draw­ing on walls here–this mess is so epic that it often can’t even be retold in good taste. Bod­ily flu­ids, garbage finds…everything’s fair game. Mem­ory block­ing aside, all you par­ents out there know exactly what we’re talk­ing about.

Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

Solu­tion: Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner
A per­fect photo op, but heck to pay when cleanup time rolls around. This mess is even bet­ter when it involves expen­sive out­fits pur­chased by grandma and heir­loom table­cloths at a fam­ily gath­er­ing. Why does mari­nara always have to be involved?

Ick-tionary of Epic Messes
Solu­tion: Clorox® Toi­let­Wand Sys­tem
The toi­let in our half bath–the one used by guests, of course–ceased being func­tional after the arrival of our youngest, Noah. Every flat-rate visit by the plumber yields a new dis­cov­ery: the legs from his sister’s Bar­bie doll, a tooth­brush flushed in a moment of des­per­a­tion, jew­elry from a mile­stone anniversary…

It’s not as if he’s alone in this–my other two boys decided to spray-paint their toi­let gold in what must’ve been an attempt to more accu­rately rep­re­sent what some call the “throne.”

Long before they use the bath­room for its actual pur­pose, just about every child will des­ig­nate the toi­let as their caul­dron for sor­did experiments.

Sure, we’ll all share a laugh recall­ing these moments at future wed­dings and fam­ily gath­er­ings. In the mean­time there’s Clorox, the unsung hero that’s been clean­ing up messes left behind by child­hood pro­duc­tions for generations.

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