Ideas for Outdoor Play

Kiddie Car Wah Backyard Skate Ramp CabanaPlayhouse with Mezzanine

A few favorites from the outdoor play ideas I posted on Babble recently. The kiddie car wash is one of the absolute coolest ideas I’ve ever seen. Love the cabana mezzanine playhouse–you can download detailed DIY plans for this one free! You’ll find the links in the original post (as well as a few more cool ideas for the backyard).

  • Ulla V.

    My son would LOVE that skateboard ramp – cool things to do. I wouldn’t mind biking through the carwash. :))

  • Ana Degenaar

    Great ideas!

  • Mcquade

    I can’t find the cabana playhouse on the french site- can you provide a direct link? thanks!

  • handmade charlotte

    Sorry about that! The original link must’ve been deleted by the slideshow format. Here’s the link–,1227050725.html

    Let me know how it turns out if you give it a go!

  • Crystal

    I want the car wash! 

  • guest

    I LOVE the kiddie car wash but can’t find the link for how to do it…is there a link?

  • El Bagul dels Jocs

    Really nice idea to enjoy and play with our children!!!!

  • JoAnn

    I was curious about the kiddie car wash as well but still not sure how it was built. I have an idea but would love some feed back. Mainly what is hanging from the top. Can’t figure that part out. Thank You!

  • Marynus

    Would you happen to still have the instructions? I think they are no longer available on the site (link seems dead). Thanks!

  • Angie

    Can you send me the design/instructions for the car wash? I know my children would use the car wash every day that is nice enough for it. ….We live in So cal…. most days are nice enough for a car wash:0)