Indoor Climbing Tree

indoor climbing wall tree for kids indoor climbing wall tree for kids

An inge­nious climb­ing wall con­cept for kids by Kaja Osholm Kjølås. Designed as a kit, the Y-shaped branches allow end­less com­bi­na­tions that can be con­fig­ured accord­ing to needs and avail­able space.

I’ve caught my kids scal­ing our rock fire­place enough times to know this would be an instant hit in our house!

  • Deb­o­rah

    Mine would love it too :)

  • Paige

    I love this. Mine is only 8 months old but I have a feel­ing this would come in handy one day!

  • Emily

    where’s the fun? fake every­thing u can.till where?

  • renee

    OMG! This is brillant

  • cap­tain kk

    love it! per­fect for those days when it’s too cold to go to the park. i think my lit­tle one would love this :)

  • Mary A.

    Any ideas how to get a hold of that climb­ing wall besides via Oslo?

  • Denise Smith

    How cool is this? RT @FollowCharlotte Indoor Climb­ing Tree

  • hand­made charlotte

    Some­where on her web­site she walks through the pro­duc­tion process. Your only option may be to make one for yourself

  • alexis

    oh I love this.… we have a climb­ing wall in our garage and my hus­band would love some­thing like this for our son… too cute!

  • iHandy­man

    I would still not let me child climb one of those: looks cool but I am quite a con­trol freak. I would be scared as hell to live him alone with that

  • Angela_ryde

    I need to get my hands on this prod­uct!! WHERE can i buy it??! Please help!

  • Sofia Byrd

    I love it!! My youngest son is such a climber he’d love it too!!

  • Amma

    Ooo Char­lotte this is excel­lent. I just Stum­bledUpon this post today. Get them boul­der­ing early. I would rec­om­mend a crash pad or lit­tle matt under­neath just in case though.

  • Anna

    sim­ply love it…=)

  • atul sharma

    how do i get dis?

  • Mar­celle du Preez

    I would love to buy this but sadly it is not avail­able.… Mar­celle Baker (South Africa)