DIY Elephant Pin Cushion Kit

DIY Summer Camp Day 3

Welcome to day three of socially conscious summer camp! Today we're making pin cushions and leather moccasins.
DIY Summer Camp

DIY Summer Camp Day 2

Today we're customizing buttons and leather clutches with kits from the Handmade With Love collection!
Cloud Cookies Recipe

Cloud Cookies

Make a lovely batch of cloud cookies with a little food coloring and a stroke of edible glitter dust!
Gorgeous custom handmade tipis

Tye-Dyed Escape

There are tipis…then there are tie-dyed tipis. And these handmade beauties have us daydreaming about the weekend on a Tuesday.
DIY Adirondack Robe | Crafting with a Cause

DIY Adirondack Robe Kit

The Adirondack Lounge Dweller Robe Kit provides you with the materials and instructions you need to create a robe that’s perfect for both grabbing the morning cup of coffee and settling down in the evening.
DIY Tassel Bombed Scarf | Crafting with a Cause

DIY Tassel Bombed Scarf

Who said you can’t make a fashion statement and stay warm at the same time? The Tassel Bombed Scarf Kit is the perfect accessory to do just that.
DIY Moccasin Kit | Crafting With A Cause

DIY Moccasin Kit

With only two pattern pieces, this is a quick and fun project that comes together beautifully and is a great introduction to sewing with leather.