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Let The Backyard Buffet Begin

Celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by going back to basics with party favorites like fresh fruit, club sandwiches, and salty snacks!
DIY Elephant Pin Cushion Kit

DIY Summer Camp Day 3

Welcome to day three of socially conscious summer camp! Today we're making pin cushions and leather moccasins.
DIY Summer Camp

DIY Summer Camp Day 2

Today we're customizing buttons and leather clutches with kits from the Handmade With Love collection!
Cloud Cookies Recipe

Cloud Cookies

Make a lovely batch of cloud cookies with a little food coloring and a stroke of edible glitter dust!
Gorgeous custom handmade tipis

Tye-Dyed Escape

There are tipis…then there are tie-dyed tipis. And these handmade beauties have us daydreaming about the weekend on a Tuesday.
DIY Adirondack Robe | Crafting with a Cause

DIY Adirondack Robe Kit

The Adirondack Lounge Dweller Robe Kit provides you with the materials and instructions you need to create a robe that’s perfect for both grabbing the morning cup of coffee and settling down in the evening.
DIY Tassel Bombed Scarf | Crafting with a Cause

DIY Tassel Bombed Scarf

Who said you can’t make a fashion statement and stay warm at the same time? The Tassel Bombed Scarf Kit is the perfect accessory to do just that.
DIY Moccasin Kit | Crafting With A Cause

DIY Moccasin Kit

With only two pattern pieces, this is a quick and fun project that comes together beautifully and is a great introduction to sewing with leather.