Kids’ Rooms Designed for Play

A bedroom / playroom for boys with beds in the loft

Putting the beds in the loft leaves plenty of space ded­i­cated for play in this bed­room for three boys in Ire­land. Love the cas­tle details. (via ikea fam­ily live)

Playroom with a built-in mosh pit

Some lucky lit­tle tyke in the Nether­lands has a play­room with a built-in mosh pit. How cool is that? (via ikea fam­ily live)

Green eScape Playhouse by ZeroEnergy

An eco-friendy play­house by ZeroEn­ergy with lots of neat lit­tle fea­tures – read more about it here.

A loft playroom accessible from two children's bedrooms

This loft play­room / nook is eas­ily accessed from both of the children’s bed­rooms in this home by Feld­man Archi­tec­ture. (via dwell)

Colorful swing bed for kids

What child wouldn’t love to have this col­or­ful swing bed by Serendip­ity in their room? I love the lay­ered blan­ket mattress.

  • Melissa Kojima

    Hooray for all these play­rooms. I love the back­yard room that you can climb the walls.

  • Scan­di­na­vian­Mum

    This would be Lit­tle A (age 7) dream home! She’s been ask­ing for sev­eral of the fun things you’ve shown here.

  • hand­made charlotte

    My kids would die for the play­house :) Thanks for stop­ping by, love your blog!

  • Scan­di­na­vian­Mum

    Thank you!! Love yours too! (As you can see on my blog under “Blogs we love” :)
    Wish you a sunny and happy week! x