Last-Minute Easter Craft Inspiration

Easter Egg Decorating Tips

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very impor­tant date”, said one very famous white rab­bit, and indeed I am. Easter is almost upon us, and this year it coin­cides with my youngest son’s 8th birth­day and April Fools’, not to men­tion the tra­di­tional vil­lage egg hunt.  My to-do list is long and once again the clock is tick­ing fast. Hmmm! I guess the only way I’m going to deal with all the last minute prepa­ra­tions is to sim­plify, and that suits me fine.

I’ve book­marked a few easy egg craft projects that I’d love to try with my fam­ily this week­end, so if you’re short on time and inspi­ra­tion, per­haps there’s some­thing for you as well? Enjoy!

Handmade Egg Book by Justine Hand, Designskool Handmade Egg Book by Justine Hand, Designskool

Hand­made Egg Book by Jus­tine Hand of Design­skool
I think this is my favorite Easter project this year. Jus­tine used Angela Liguori’s instruc­tions to make her own accor­dion book, then set to work with an x-acto knife and a tiny bit of yel­low paint. Sim­ple, beau­ti­ful and effec­tive – one to keep for years to come.

Finger Print Eggs by KoKoKo Kids Finger Print Eggs by KoKoKo Kids

Fin­ger­print Eggs by KoKoKo Kids
I love fin­ger­print art, it’s such a bril­liant way to develop a child’s imag­i­na­tion. I’ve seen lots of exam­ples on pin­ter­est lately but KoKoKo Kids’ egg dec­o­rat­ing tuto­r­ial from a cou­ple of years ago is still one of my favorites (super effec­tive designs using foil, string and bub­ble wrap too). Fun!

Painted Egg Carton Presents by Amy Christie for Design Mom

Painted Egg Car­ton Presents by Amy Christie for Design Mom
I’m lucky, we recy­cle every­thing we can do, so I always have a good stock of empty egg car­tons for the kids to play with. Why did I never think of paint­ing them? Dec­o­rated sim­ply in pretty pinks, pale blues and yel­lows, these egg boxes make per­fect pack­ag­ing for small Easter presents and can be used for tiny toy stor­age all year round.

Washi Tape Easter Decorations by Marlen Karema for Teip

Washi Tape Easter Dec­o­ra­tions by Marlen Karema for Teip
If you’re really stuck for ideas, reach for a reel of Washi tape and let your imag­i­na­tion do the rest. Marlen has come up with all kinds of won­der­ful dec­o­rat­ing ideas to inspire you and I still find her sim­ple tape and branch dec­o­ra­tion incred­i­bly beautiful.

So, the egg before the chicken, or the chicken before the egg? That is the question!

Pic­tured at top of post:  Egg dec­o­rated using Lyra color pen­cils via Elis­a­beth Dunker of Fine Lit­tle Day (Elis­a­beth swears they’re the best col­or­ing crayons she’s ever used. Chunky, highly pig­mented, easy to grip and appar­ently per­fect for dec­o­rat­ing eggs–one to try next year!