Let’s Go Fly A (DIY) Kite

DIY Kite Tutorial via Etsy

Here in the Mid­west, it seems like I’m always fight­ing with the wind. Skirts and per­fectly coifed hair some­times feel a lit­tle point­less. As soon as I attempt either of those things, the wind whips things up. Luck­ily, there are ways to work with the wind instead of against it – like fly­ing a kite!

I’ve always wanted to make a kite, but it seemed com­pli­cated. Some of these DIY projects do have a lot of steps – per­fect for a long rainy after­noon of prep. But there are oth­ers that are super quick, and kid-friendly, too.

The won­der of see­ing a kite go up in the air is increased ten-fold when you make the kite your­self. Here’s a col­lec­tion of DIY kite tuto­ri­als and projects that will have you up and fly­ing in no time.

DIY Paper Kite via Made By Joel

DIY Paper Kite
via made by joel

Leave it to crafty mas­ter­mind, Joel, to come up with the sim­plest of kites. Just paper, tape, string, and sticks from your yard. Who knew it could be this easy? I’d ask my daugh­ter to dec­o­rate the paper before adding the sticks, too.

Homemade Kites by Red Ted Art

Home­made Kites
via red ted art

These kites are amaz­ing! While it’s def­i­nitely a project to do with the kids, they’ll need your help. But with the right sup­plies, and these clear instruc­tions, it sounds totally doable.

Simple DIY Paper Kite

Sim­ple Paper Kite
via skip to my love

Not only is this kite a breeze to make, it sounds like even a 2 year old would enjoy run­ning around the yard with it float­ing in the air behind them. I can just see a bunch of them all lined up for a birth­day party, too. Are kite races a thing? If not, they should be!

Simple DIY Paper Bag Kite

Sim­ple Paper Bag Kite
via rhythm of the home

I love this DIY kite because it’s big and durable – and we all have extra paper bags just wait­ing for col­or­ing crayons and stream­ers, right? I also think this kite shape is easy to fly–it’s like a minia­ture sail.

DIY Tetrahedral Kite

Tetra­he­dral Kite
via nev­er­land nook

What an amaz­ing kite! It looks really hard, but once you see the con­struc­tion and the tuto­r­ial, I think you’ll agree it actu­ally isn’t bad at all. Plus, for older kids it’s a great exam­ple of geom­e­try and form.

Make your own kite!

Make Your Own Kite Print­able
via the neigh­bor­hood

Last but not least, this kite is actu­ally a print­able you can down­load for free. Easy instruc­tions, and a lit­tle wind, and you’ll be fly­ing through the clouds in no time.

Pic­tured at top of post: DIY kite tuto­r­ial from the Etsy Blog.