How To Make A Furry Fox Cake

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

This sweet and friendly fox cake is per­fect for your lit­tle one’s next birth­day. It can fit into so many themes, includ­ing a cute wood­land party, a Fan­tas­tic Mr. Fox movie night, or a for­est friends fete. Roll up your sleeves and get your pip­ing bag ready—it’s orange fur time!

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Note: Often I will make a draw­ing of what I imag­ine the final cake to look like. This helps me in cre­at­ing the fin­ished prod­uct. You can always refer to your com­puter screen for a pic­ture of this fox cake, though!

What You’ll Need

  • A baked and cooled 2-layer cake of your choice (I used an 8-inch vanilla cake)
  • Off­set metal spat­ula or but­ter knife
  • Pip­ing bag fit­ted with a large multi-opening tip (I used a Wilton #233)
  • Wooden BBQ skewers
  • Gel food col­or­ing in orange
  • Bench scraper tool to smooth your but­ter­cream (optional)


  • 5 cups of vanilla but­ter­cream or 3 cans of frosting
  • 4-inch ball of white fondant
  • 3-inch ball of black fondant
  • A small amount of corn­starch for work­ing with fondant
DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 1
Begin by fill­ing and frost­ing your baked and com­pletely cooled cake with plain white vanilla but­ter­cream. Using a bench scraper tool or your spat­ula to ensure the top of your cake has a smooth sur­face, as part of it will be exposed!

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 2
Tint the remain­ing but­ter­cream orange. You can make it as light or vibrant as you like—gel color is potent, so start with a smaller amount and add more as needed.

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 3
Load your orange but­ter­cream into your pip­ing bag fit­ted with the multi-opening tip. Start­ing on the sides of the cake, begin to pipe your fox “fur.”

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 4
Con­tinue pip­ing all around the sides of the cake.

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 5
On the top, imag­ine the cake to be a fox face that you are star­ing down at. Begin pip­ing at his chin and work your way upward in a curved line.

TIP: If you like, you can use a tooth­pick and poke a dot­ted line into the white but­ter­cream as a guide for your orange but­ter­cream piping.

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 6
Using your pip­ing bag, pipe a mir­ror image of the curved line on the other side of your cake face.

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 7
Now, con­tinue pip­ing and fill in the rest of the cake as shown above, leav­ing the fox’s cheeks as plain white vanilla buttercream.

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 8
Make your fon­dant accent pieces! Two black flat­tened cir­cles for the eyes, a black fon­dant nose, and white fon­dant tri­an­gles for the fox’s ears (you’ll be pip­ing over the ears with more fur). Cut a wooden BBQ skewer in half, and insert a skewer into each ear. Using a tiny amount of water, adhere the black tri­an­gle “inner ear” on top.

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 9
Place your ears into the sides of the cake, gen­tly press the black nose into the but­ter­cream, and lightly press the eyes into the white part of the fox’s face to adhere.

DIY Fox Cake Decorating Tutorial

Step 10
Now, pipe more orange but­ter­cream fur around his entire ears to cover up the white fon­dant, leav­ing the black “inner ears” vis­i­ble. I also added some black fon­dant eye­brows for more char­ac­ter, and you can add a cute lit­tle mes­sage flag too, if you wish!

DIY Furry Fox Cake

Just look at this cutie pie! I’m in love with his foxy cute face. Let him be the hit of your kid’s next super awe­some birth­day party! For a wood­land themed party, I think these mush­room toad­stool top­pers would make a fine accom­pa­ni­ment on some cup­cakes, too.

Hope you guys enjoyed this fox cake DIY. See you real soon with more cute cake insanity!

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  • Emily

    Can you post your fon­dant recipe please? The recipes I’m find­ing are in a very large batch. Thanks!

  • Coco Cake Land

    hi emily! i used pre-purchased fon­dant for the above tuto­r­ial but you here’s a link to marsh­mal­low fondant:

    you can always make it and store it wrapped tightly in plas­tic wrap and then in an air­tight con­tainer. or buy some pre­made online or at a bak­ing sup­ply shop, or even large craft­ing super­stores carry it in smaller amounts! have fun!

  • cake­face

    You can use spaghetti instead of wooden skew­ers to keep the ears on. It’s a bit safer as it doesn’t mat­ter if peo­ple for­get to remove it before they bite into them.

  • Coco Cake Land

    cake­face! that’s a cool idea too — thanks for shar­ing!! — the fon­dant ears might be too heavy for the spaghetti so maybe make smaller ears to accom­mo­date! ^__^

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    I love this. I have never tried that type of pip­ing though but I sup­pose by the time I’d done the whole cake I would have got a lot of practice.

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    ha — yes, that is very true — you’ll be sur­prised how easy it is after you pipe the first few rows.

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