How To Make A Fuzzy Mouse Cake

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Cheese anyone? This little munchkin mouse might be squeaking his way onto the dessert table at your next birthday party! Piped in gray-tinted buttercream with just a few fondant accents, mousie is the perfect fit for a wine and cheese adult get-together or a hickory dickory dock kid’s birthday party. Plus, he’s easy as mouse pie to make. Bonus!

What You Need

  • A cake of your choice baked in a heart-shaped cake pan. I used this one. (One cake box mix fits this pan! Or bake your favorite recipe for a 2-layer cake). Note: Make sure you grease and flour your pan so the heart cake releases nicely. I also used parchment paper, cut to the shape of the pan, to aid in easy cake release.
  • Gel food coloring in black—you’ll use a tiny amount to tint the buttercream gray.
  • Offset spatula or butter knife
  • A piping bag fitted with a #233 Wilton multi-opening tip, also known as the grass tip.


  • 4 cups of vanilla buttercream, or 2 cans of frosting
  • A 3-inch ball of pink fondant
  • A 3-inch ball of black fondant
  • A small amount of cornstarch for working with the fondant

TIP: Start with your baked and completely cooled heart cake. Using an offset spatula or butter knife, run the blade between the cake edge and the cake pan to help loosen the cake. Place a large plate on top of the cake pan and hold it in place as you flip the cake over so that the cake is upside down on the plate. Carefully lift the cake plate to reveal the heart. Now place a different large plate, or a cake board, on top of the heart cake and flip again. The heart cake will be right side up and ready to frost!

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Step 1
Spread a creamy layer of gray buttercream over the entire cake. Using your offset spatula, smooth the buttercream, but don’t worry if it’s not perfect, as you’ll be piping gray fuzzy buttercream hair all over it!

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Step 2
Make your fondant details: Roll two black fondant balls for the eyes and lightly press down on them. Make a pink fondant oval for the nose and roll fondant between your palms to create long thin strands for whiskers. Make a ball using the pink fondant; flatten it with your palms or a rolling pin and slice in two to make the mouse’s inner ears—or use a circle cookie cutter for easy times!

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Step 3
Place the pink fondant half circles onto your cake.

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Step 4
Load your piping bag fitted with the multi-opening tip with gray buttercream. Now, begin piping your gray fuzzy fur! You’ll be piping the entire cake, sides, and top!

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Step 5
Once the sides are piped, begin piping the top of the cake, going around the pink fondant inner ears.

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Step 6
Keep on piping fur until you’ve covered the entire top. Then, place the black fondant eyes, pink nose, and black whiskers on the top of the cake. Hellooooo mouse face!

See? Wasn’t that painless?

How To Make a Fuzzy Mouse Cake

Can’t wait to see the mouse cakes you come up with. Leave a link to yours in the comments! Happy delicious vermin decorating, everyone. See you again soon with more cakey cuteness!

  • Toni-Louise

    This is just so cute! I adore your creature cakes, they are just beautiful. :) x

  • Coco Cake Land

    thank you so much toni-louise! ^__^

  • Alexandra

    That cake looks absolutely amazing! I always try and make my cakes look nice but they always taste better than what they look aha

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