Meet The Family Craft Challenge Finalists!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge Finalists (vote for your favorite project!)

It wasn’t easy, but our judges have finally chosen the five finalists in the Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite project and decide who wins over $1,000 in craft supplies & tools to stock their studio!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge: Meet The Judges

The Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge judges (in alphabetical order): Jessica Bailey (Party Stylist, Evite), Jessie Bandy (Marketing Associate, Tea Collection), Ali DeJohn (Founder, The Makerie), Rachelle Francey (Founder, Kenziepoo), Jan Halvarson (Co-Founder, Poppytalk), Debbie Henley (VP Marketing, Plaid Enterprises), Mallie Lanham (Community Manager, Cricut), Ez Pudewa (Founder, Creature Comforts), Paula Puleo (Chief Marketing Officer, Michaels Stores), Sarah Reisert (Community Manager, The Honest Company), Ed Roth (Founder, Stencil1), Gabrielle Blair (Founder, Design Mom)

Contest Recap
A little over a month ago, we challenged our readers to create an original craft project using our new line of stencils (available at Michaels Stores) for a chance to win one of three seriously loaded prize packages. To say we were unprepared for the quality level of the projects we received would be a major understatement. You guys are seriously talented! You definitely didn’t make the job easy for our judges:)

Who wins? You decide!
Now it’s up to all of you to decide who wins. Simply choose your favorite project from the five listed below and cast your vote in the comments (only vote once!). We’ll announce the winners of the Grand Prize, First Runner-Up Prize, and Second Runner-Up Prize on Thursday, October 17th (see the complete list of prizes here).

The winners have been chosen—click here to see the results!

Without further adieu, here are the finalists…

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Hand-Sewn Stenciled Planters (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 1: Hand-Sewn Stenciled Planters
Project by Sarah Lodato

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Nature Art Kit (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 2: Nature Art Kit
Project by Julie Arnold

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Felt Badges (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 3: Felt Badges
Project by Nicole Henken

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Stenciled Map Print (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 4: Stenciled Map Print
Project by Bonnie Rush

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Leather Gift Tag (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 5: Leather Gift Tag
Project by Ashley Rush

A big thanks to all of you who entered the contest and best of luck to the finalists!

  • Leslie

    I love the planters (#1)

  • A

    Number 3!!

  • Donna

    I love the nature art kit as its different to what you usually see and has lots of goodies in it to play with!

  • Paniculata Cinco

    Super Nice Stuff!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! xxx

    Gabriela Rose

  • Bobbi

    I love the felt badges. I could make the badges with my grand kids and then give a badge as an award for completing a task.

  • Deborah Beau

    I love the nature art kit.

  • Courtney

    Those felt badges are pretty cool. I cast my vote for those!

  • thebrassknuckles

    No. 1! :)

  • Brenda Wooten-Wetmore

    I vote # 4

  • Cory Zibung

    I love #3, the felt badges! Every kid in the neighborhood wants them now!

  • Alisha

    I vote for the badges! The one with the cute little squirrel is my favorite! Adorable!

  • Lauren Tamiko Khouri

    #3! The felt badges are adorable!

  • Kelly

    #4! So cute!

  • Jillian

    Love the stenciled map print. So lovely.

  • Genevieve

    #3 – loving the felt badges.

  • Lacy Stroessner

    Love #4! Such a clever idea and so many ways to customize! Perfect for any family at any stage of life :)

  • CJ

    Being a loyal follower of the Lord and Master: Foamy
    (illwillpress), leaves me with only one true choice. That choice is number 3 the felt badges!

  • Alyssa Burns

    Adore #3! felt badges! very cute!

  • Tyler

    #3 gets my vote. I think the creator of the felt badges need a felt merit badge for felt badge making.

  • Jay

    #4 is the map as a background. Gets my vote!

  • Nicci

    I vote #3! Those badges are the

  • BCar

    #4 fo sho

  • Vanessa

    WOW! Those felt badges are absolutely precious! I vote for number 3!

  • Kim Seene

    No #4 very talented “To the moon & back”

  • Shirley

    Those badges are the cutest. I vote #3!

  • Jessica


  • Erik Gomez

    Number 3: Nicole Henken. Very cute badges

  • Jerri Sierocki

    I vote #4

  • Alicia

    Love #4!

  • Haberdashery Fun

    #1 or #4.. Love them!!

  • Toni-Maree


  • sue turner

    No 1 Stenciled Planters…..

  • kasandra

    no. 1

  • Amanda

    Project #3!! I just began to felt and would love to incorporate these badges and stencils into future felting projects!

  • Alex K

    #3 The Felt Badges are awesome! :)

  • Super

    My vote goes for the Planters #1! I love the color choices/combinations as they portray peace and gentleness! They appear so in-sync with nature. I just feel at peace when I look at them. Thank you for sharing your creativeness with the world!

  • Mari T

    These are great! My vote goes to #3 – felt badges.

  • Stitchesandpurls

    Love the felted planters from Sarah! No 1

  • CattyMay

    Number 3 badges!

  • Ashley


  • Cassie Rowe

    The felt badges are AMAZING! My family and I would love to make these for all occasions!

  • Carol Peterman Kemp

    I vote #4

  • hannah

    #4 stenciled map :):)

  • smallfriendly

    I love #4

  • Maria H

    #2 Nature Art kit!

  • Lisa Corley


  • Obvious Lobster

    #3 Felt Badges for sure!

  • Stacy of KSW

    I was a cartographer what feels like a lifetime ago, I’m a sucker for a good map project and Bonnie’s is certainly that, Can I vote for her 100 times? If so, I just did.

  • Abbie M

    #2 nature art kit!

  • Stephen


  • Tom

    Being a father of two girl scouts, what kid would not want a felt badge? I vote #3!

  • Kara

    #2 Nature Art Kit

  • J K

    #2 Nature Art Kit – it’s the most creative and has the best usage of the stencils!

  • Toc Soneoulay-Gillespie

    Absolutely loooove #3 Felted Badges.

  • Emily

    FELT BADGES for sure! I love them so much!

  • Sarah

    The felt badges would make cute Christmas ornaments. I vote number 3!

  • Nate Scronce

    No. 5: Leather Gift Tag. Awesome!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Number 1 definitely gets my vote, so creative! Just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Perfect gift for teachers, secretaries, mom’s office, dad’s office, everyone can enjoy them! The “Hand-Sewn Stenciled Planters” should win hands down!

  • Kacie

    I vote #5…how creative!

  • t.potts

    I love them all but if I have to choose one…..the leather is it. Im really.loving leather right now.

  • Patty


  • Cathy Menig

    Felt badges are my pick. Great school art project.

  • Pppquilts

    The map is the best

  • Pi Jay

    I love # 1

  • Beth

    #2 my children and grandchildren would love this!

  • Emma

    #2 Nature Art Kit, Nature stencils become a kit to explore nature, genius!!!

  • spundone

    #1, what a gorgeous project!!

  • Mandy

    Love #4

  • mary

    #2 so cute!

  • Jody Fausett

    #5 Ashley Rush

  • Renee

    No. 5: Leather Gift Tag – Definitely the most original, stylish and trendy :)

  • Nitab

    Love # 5 and it has my vote!!!

  • Mik

    #3 super cute!

  • Ella

    They are all awesome, but I vote No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters!

  • Jeanee Ledoux

    #1 gave me a great holiday gift idea! Sarah wins my vote!

  • Kaleigh

    #3 – Badges by Nicole!!!!
    Those are the cutest little badges I’ve ever seen!

  • Aimee

    My vote is for the Nature Art Kit. I found all of the submissions to be compelling, and there are several pieces I love…My vote is based on the Art Kit being produced by family, and engaging family – it’s accessible for all ages/stages and brings family out into nature (which I can really appreciate at the moment!). Cheers to all!

  • Sandra Burgess

    I vote for Ashley Rush

  • Jackie

    I vote for #4

  • Roxie McCart

    #4 is so relaxing! Laying on my back, looking at the stars, looking for the moon & back. Someone in the states on the map have done this!

  • mitch

    #5 love the leather!

  • Michelle

    3. The badges are adorable

  • Camille

    They are all wonderful submissions! My vote for the win is #3.

  • Charity Rutan

    I love #4 and would totally love to have that in my house!!!

  • Mary

    #2! Easy and fun!

  • Will

    #1 of course!!! What a great creation Sarah Lodato. No way you won’t win!!

  • Remmus Notlob

    No. 3: Felt Badges
    Project by Nicole Henken

  • Ellen


  • Saskia Ericson (1=2)

    Love number 2, Nature Art Kit. I would buy it if it was for sale!

  • Kim

    #3 the badges look fun and easy to make .. And even more fun to share!

  • Christine

    No 3 felt badges! :)

  • Terri

    #4 Would love to have it in my house

  • Jay Cherwa

    Number 5!

  • mimi

    #1 hands down— Sarah rules!

  • laura

    No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
    Project by Sarah Lodato

  • viv


  • Sue

    Number 1! Love it.

  • Carrie

    Number 5!!!!

  • Ashlie

    Number 5

  • AC

    Number 1! Hand stitching && stencils. So cutes!

  • Gidget’s Bookworms

    No. 2: Nature Art Kit
    Project by Julie Arnold

  • Sara

    #3 the patches can liven up a winter sweatshirt.

  • Theresa

    Number 4!

  • Sunny

    My vote goes to #2 (but it was SOOO hard to pick, they are ALL awesome).

  • william

    no 3 is to my liking

  • Sara

    Number one!, she is very Clever!

  • Hank Blumenthal

    I want Number 1!

  • Willy Rose

    I vote number 5. Outstanding handy work and fine detail.

  • Bethbpnp

    Number 5, no question!

  • Faith

    #5. This one is outstanding

  • Elaine

    I vote number 3!

  • Ella

    Number 5 . The most sophisticated entry.

  • Ella

    Number 5. Very well done – subtle. This one could be used in a variety of ways.

  • teguns


  • chelsea

    #5 is awesome!

  • Neely Hawkins Pollard

    Number 5- Ashley Rush. Very unique!

  • Neely Hawkins Pollard

    Number 5- very unique!!

  • jerry

    number 5

  • Regan

    Love the leather (#5). Simple and refined.

  • Dayle Huber

    No. 3 Felt Badges

  • southerninstitute

    I vote for #4! :)

  • Melissa Irvin

    No. 1: Hand-sewn Stenciled Planters by Sarah Lodato!

  • Cheryl Rowe

    I vote for No. 3, the Felt Badges

  • Rachael Gander

    stenciled map print! what a great idea :)

  • Sam

    Number 3, felt badges.

  • palmtree23

    #1 is awesome. I would love to make those!

  • Mindy

    #3 Nicole Henken gets my vote!

  • Bryan Davidson

    #3 – Felt badges all the way! Awesome!

  • Meri

    I vote for No. 3. The felt badges are so cool and very retro!

  • Katie

    #3 felt bags get my vote!!

  • Faceh

    No. 3! Felt badges please.

  • Ellen

    The felt badges (#3) are great.

  • Mara

    No. 3 felt badges get my vote!

  • Carolyn

    I like #3, the felt badges the best.

  • Mary

    #3 !!!

  • Liz

    Loved the felt badges! (no. 3)

  • Patricia Christianson

    No. 3 felt badges

  • Meggg

    Love #1

  • Elizabeth Ingram

    I vote for #5! Definitely the winner! What a unique and adorable gift tag!

  • Garner


  • Mari


  • jennie

    all awesome, but # 3–felt badges– gets my vote.

  • Tim E.


  • Céline

    I vote for 1 !

  • surrealist milliner

    #1 by far the best one!

  • DW Elaina

    Numero uno!! #1! #1!

  • Sarah Beth Lodato

    No. 1!

  • Nicole

    Number 1!

  • Jindra

    No. 3: Felt Badges
    by Nicole Henken gets my vote

  • tara

    my favorite by far is Number 3!

  • rspigal

    #3 is super cute! I like the squirrel and the tree!

  • Vivitaru

    number 5!

  • Kirby

    I vote for #5!

  • Kate

    I vote for #3!

  • ZombieMommy

    I vote for #5

  • Caffeine Jones

    ooh- tough choice. I love felt, so I’d love to give an honorable mention to the planters, but those could be weird when wet, so I choose the badges!

  • Ed

    I vote for #4! Bonnie Rush!

  • J

    #5- in a runaway

  • lawrence rudden

    Lawrence. My vote goes to No. 4

  • Marian


  • Erik Meadows

    I vote for: No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
    by Sarah Lodato

  • Mundane Magic

    No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
    Project by Sarah Lodato

  • A

    No 1!

  • annabel

    My vote is for number 1!! Love it!

  • Beth Schechter

    number 1! number 1!

  • gregory

    I vote # 5 for sure

  • gregory

    I’ll take #5 please

  • Dale

    5 wins

  • Michael Semon

    I vote for number 5!

  • Elwood Blues

    Gotta vote for number 5! Looks like a winner to me.

  • Tony Smith

    #5, I vote #5

  • Tori Hiller

    Number 5!!!

  • Jack

    the leather gift tag gets my vote! 5

  • Jemmy

    Ashley Rush takes this one with #5

  • tater

    5, Ashley Rush!! Go girl!!

  • Christi

    The leather tag is too cute, gotta have it, #5

  • cal


  • superradfred


  • Eg Vance Bradley

    I vote #4 :)

  • JenS

    No. 5!

  • Jenna Reid

    No. 5 is so unique!

  • scumbunny

    A vote for #1

  • Elisenda Llaurado


  • Alison Esterhuizen

    Number 4!!!

  • Martha Watkins

    I vote for number 5 Ashley Rush

  • Ben

    Number 5, Ms. Ashley Rush.

  • tera

    #5 please

  • Steph Dryer

    #5 is the winner

  • Jennifer

    My vote #5

  • Allyson Carr Bradberry


  • Vicki Ingram

    Ashley Rush!

  • patricia m. jensen

    i definitelly vote for #5, Ashley Rush

  • KL

    Number 3! Felt badges

  • M.M.


  • Heather

    Ashley Rush

  • Cannon

    Love # 5 Ashley Rush

  • bj

    #3–Felt Badges!

  • Zul

    I like #3

  • Scott


  • Husband

    Nicole’s badges yay! # 3!

  • Patrick Ingram

    #5 Ashley Rush

  • Leigh

    #5 Ashley!

  • Juliea Leaphart

    Vote for #5 Ashley Rush..

  • Victor

    #5 – Love the leather

  • slippas

    Ashley Rush #5

  • EP


  • Crafter

    #3 is cute!