Meet The Family Craft Challenge Finalists!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge Finalists (vote for your favorite project!)

It wasn’t easy, but our judges have finally cho­sen the five final­ists in the Hand­made Char­lotte Fam­ily Craft Chal­lenge. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite project and decide who wins over $1,000 in craft sup­plies & tools to stock their studio!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge: Meet The Judges

The Hand­made Char­lotte Fam­ily Craft Chal­lenge judges (in alpha­bet­i­cal order): Jes­sica Bai­ley (Party Styl­ist, Evite), Jessie Bandy (Mar­ket­ing Asso­ciate, Tea Col­lec­tion), Ali DeJohn (Founder, The Mak­erie), Rachelle Francey (Founder, Ken­ziepoo), Jan Hal­var­son (Co-Founder, Pop­pytalk), Deb­bie Hen­ley (VP Mar­ket­ing, Plaid Enter­prises), Mallie Lan­ham (Com­mu­nity Man­ager, Cri­cut), Ez Pudewa (Founder, Crea­ture Com­forts), Paula Puleo (Chief Mar­ket­ing Offi­cer, Michaels Stores), Sarah Reis­ert (Com­mu­nity Man­ager, The Hon­est Com­pany), Ed Roth (Founder, Stencil1), Gabrielle Blair (Founder, Design Mom)

Con­test Recap
A lit­tle over a month ago, we chal­lenged our read­ers to cre­ate an orig­i­nal craft project using our new line of sten­cils (avail­able at Michaels Stores) for a chance to win one of three seri­ously loaded prize pack­ages. To say we were unpre­pared for the qual­ity level of the projects we received would be a major under­state­ment. You guys are seri­ously tal­ented! You def­i­nitely didn’t make the job easy for our judges:)

Who wins? You decide!
Now it’s up to all of you to decide who wins. Sim­ply choose your favorite project from the five listed below and cast your vote in the com­ments (only vote once!). We’ll announce the win­ners of the Grand Prize, First Runner-Up Prize, and Sec­ond Runner-Up Prize on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 17th (see the com­plete list of prizes here).

The win­ners have been cho­sen—click here to see the results!

With­out fur­ther adieu, here are the finalists…

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Hand-Sewn Stenciled Planters (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
Project by Sarah Lodato

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Nature Art Kit (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 2: Nature Art Kit
Project by Julie Arnold

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Felt Badges (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 3: Felt Badges
Project by Nicole Henken

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Stenciled Map Print (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 4: Sten­ciled Map Print
Project by Bon­nie Rush

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Leather Gift Tag (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 5: Leather Gift Tag
Project by Ash­ley Rush

A big thanks to all of you who entered the con­test and best of luck to the finalists!