Meet The Family Craft Challenge Finalists!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge Finalists (vote for your favorite project!)

It wasn’t easy, but our judges have finally cho­sen the five final­ists in the Hand­made Char­lotte Fam­ily Craft Chal­lenge. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite project and decide who wins over $1,000 in craft sup­plies & tools to stock their studio!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge: Meet The Judges

The Hand­made Char­lotte Fam­ily Craft Chal­lenge judges (in alpha­bet­i­cal order): Jes­sica Bai­ley (Party Styl­ist, Evite), Jessie Bandy (Mar­ket­ing Asso­ciate, Tea Col­lec­tion), Ali DeJohn (Founder, The Mak­erie), Rachelle Francey (Founder, Ken­ziepoo), Jan Hal­var­son (Co-Founder, Pop­pytalk), Deb­bie Hen­ley (VP Mar­ket­ing, Plaid Enter­prises), Mallie Lan­ham (Com­mu­nity Man­ager, Cri­cut), Ez Pudewa (Founder, Crea­ture Com­forts), Paula Puleo (Chief Mar­ket­ing Offi­cer, Michaels Stores), Sarah Reis­ert (Com­mu­nity Man­ager, The Hon­est Com­pany), Ed Roth (Founder, Stencil1), Gabrielle Blair (Founder, Design Mom)

Con­test Recap
A lit­tle over a month ago, we chal­lenged our read­ers to cre­ate an orig­i­nal craft project using our new line of sten­cils (avail­able at Michaels Stores) for a chance to win one of three seri­ously loaded prize pack­ages. To say we were unpre­pared for the qual­ity level of the projects we received would be a major under­state­ment. You guys are seri­ously tal­ented! You def­i­nitely didn’t make the job easy for our judges:)

Who wins? You decide!
Now it’s up to all of you to decide who wins. Sim­ply choose your favorite project from the five listed below and cast your vote in the com­ments (only vote once!). We’ll announce the win­ners of the Grand Prize, First Runner-Up Prize, and Sec­ond Runner-Up Prize on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 17th (see the com­plete list of prizes here).

The win­ners have been cho­sen—click here to see the results!

With­out fur­ther adieu, here are the finalists…

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Hand-Sewn Stenciled Planters (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
Project by Sarah Lodato

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Nature Art Kit (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 2: Nature Art Kit
Project by Julie Arnold

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Felt Badges (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 3: Felt Badges
Project by Nicole Henken

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Stenciled Map Print (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 4: Sten­ciled Map Print
Project by Bon­nie Rush

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Leather Gift Tag (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 5: Leather Gift Tag
Project by Ash­ley Rush

A big thanks to all of you who entered the con­test and best of luck to the finalists!

  • Leslie

    I love the planters (#1)

  • A

    Num­ber 3!!

  • Donna

    I love the nature art kit as its dif­fer­ent to what you usu­ally see and has lots of good­ies in it to play with!

  • Pan­ic­u­lata Cinco

    Super Nice Stuff!!!!!!!!! Con­grats!!!!! xxx

    Gabriela Rose

  • Bobbi

    I love the felt badges. I could make the badges with my grand kids and then give a badge as an award for com­plet­ing a task.

  • Deb­o­rah Beau

    I love the nature art kit.

  • Court­ney

    Those felt badges are pretty cool. I cast my vote for those!

  • the­brassknuck­les

    No. 1! :)

  • Brenda Wooten-Wetmore

    I vote # 4

  • Cory Zibung

    I love #3, the felt badges! Every kid in the neigh­bor­hood wants them now!

  • Alisha

    I vote for the badges! The one with the cute lit­tle squir­rel is my favorite! Adorable!

  • Lau­ren Tamiko Khouri

    #3! The felt badges are adorable!

  • Kelly

    #4! So cute!

  • Jil­lian

    Love the sten­ciled map print. So lovely.

  • Genevieve

    #3 — lov­ing the felt badges.

  • Lacy Stroess­ner

    Love #4! Such a clever idea and so many ways to cus­tomize! Per­fect for any fam­ily at any stage of life :)

  • CJ

    Being a loyal fol­lower of the Lord and Mas­ter: Foamy
    (ill­will­press), leaves me with only one true choice. That choice is num­ber 3 the felt badges!

  • Alyssa Burns

    Adore #3! felt badges! very cute!

  • Tyler

    #3 gets my vote. I think the cre­ator of the felt badges need a felt merit badge for felt badge making.

  • Jay

    #4 is the map as a back­ground. Gets my vote!

  • Nicci

    I vote #3! Those badges are the

  • BCar

    #4 fo sho

  • Vanessa

    WOW! Those felt badges are absolutely pre­cious! I vote for num­ber 3!

  • Kim Seene

    No #4 very tal­ented “To the moon & back”

  • Shirley

    Those badges are the cutest. I vote #3!

  • Jes­sica


  • Erik Gomez

    Num­ber 3: Nicole Henken. Very cute badges

  • Jerri Sie­rocki

    I vote #4

  • Ali­cia

    Love #4!

  • Hab­er­dash­ery Fun

    #1 or #4.. Love them!!

  • Toni-Maree


  • sue turner

    No 1 Sten­ciled Planters.….

  • kasan­dra

    no. 1

  • Amanda

    Project #3!! I just began to felt and would love to incor­po­rate these badges and sten­cils into future felt­ing projects!

  • Alex K

    #3 The Felt Badges are awesome! :)

  • Super

    My vote goes for the Planters #1! I love the color choices/combinations as they por­tray peace and gen­tle­ness! They appear so in-sync with nature. I just feel at peace when I look at them. Thank you for shar­ing your cre­ative­ness with the world!

  • Mari T

    These are great! My vote goes to #3 — felt badges.

  • Stitch­esand­purls

    Love the felted planters from Sarah! No 1

  • Cat­ty­May

    Num­ber 3 badges!

  • Ash­ley


  • Cassie Rowe

    The felt badges are AMAZING! My fam­ily and I would love to make these for all occasions!

  • Carol Peter­man Kemp

    I vote #4

  • han­nah

    #4 sten­ciled map :):)

  • small­friendly

    I love #4

  • Maria H

    #2 Nature Art kit!

  • Lisa Cor­ley


  • Obvi­ous Lobster

    #3 Felt Badges for sure!

  • Stacy of KSW

    I was a car­tog­ra­pher what feels like a life­time ago, I’m a sucker for a good map project and Bonnie’s is cer­tainly that, Can I vote for her 100 times? If so, I just did.

  • Abbie M

    #2 nature art kit!

  • Stephen


  • Tom

    Being a father of two girl scouts, what kid would not want a felt badge? I vote #3!

  • Kara

    #2 Nature Art Kit

  • J K

    #2 Nature Art Kit — it’s the most cre­ative and has the best usage of the stencils!

  • Toc Soneoulay-Gillespie

    Absolutely loooove #3 Felted Badges.

  • Emily

    FELT BADGES for sure! I love them so much!

  • Sarah

    The felt badges would make cute Christ­mas orna­ments. I vote num­ber 3!

  • Nate Scronce

    No. 5: Leather Gift Tag. Awesome!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Num­ber 1 def­i­nitely gets my vote, so cre­ative! Just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Per­fect gift for teach­ers, sec­re­taries, mom’s office, dad’s office, every­one can enjoy them! The “Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters” should win hands down!

  • Kacie

    I vote #5…how creative!

  • t.potts

    I love them all but if I have to choose one.….the leather is it. Im really.loving leather right now.

  • Patty


  • Cathy Menig

    Felt badges are my pick. Great school art project.

  • Pppquilts

    The map is the best

  • Pi Jay

    I love # 1

  • Beth

    #2 my chil­dren and grand­chil­dren would love this!

  • Emma

    #2 Nature Art Kit, Nature sten­cils become a kit to explore nature, genius!!!

  • spun­done

    #1, what a gor­geous project!!

  • Mandy

    Love #4

  • mary

    #2 so cute!

  • Jody Fausett

    #5 Ash­ley Rush

  • Renee

    No. 5: Leather Gift Tag — Def­i­nitely the most orig­i­nal, styl­ish and trendy :)

  • Nitab

    Love # 5 and it has my vote!!!

  • Mik

    #3 super cute!

  • Ella

    They are all awe­some, but I vote No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters!

  • Jea­nee Ledoux

    #1 gave me a great hol­i­day gift idea! Sarah wins my vote!

  • Kaleigh

    #3 — Badges by Nicole!!!!
    Those are the cutest lit­tle badges I’ve ever seen!

  • Aimee

    My vote is for the Nature Art Kit. I found all of the sub­mis­sions to be com­pelling, and there are sev­eral pieces I love…My vote is based on the Art Kit being pro­duced by fam­ily, and engag­ing fam­ily — it’s acces­si­ble for all ages/stages and brings fam­ily out into nature (which I can really appre­ci­ate at the moment!). Cheers to all!

  • San­dra Burgess

    I vote for Ash­ley Rush

  • Jackie

    I vote for #4

  • Roxie McCart

    #4 is so relax­ing! Lay­ing on my back, look­ing at the stars, look­ing for the moon & back. Some­one in the states on the map have done this!

  • mitch

    #5 love the leather!

  • Michelle

    3. The badges are adorable

  • Camille

    They are all won­der­ful sub­mis­sions! My vote for the win is #3.

  • Char­ity Rutan

    I love #4 and would totally love to have that in my house!!!

  • Mary

    #2! Easy and fun!

  • Will

    #1 of course!!! What a great cre­ation Sarah Lodato. No way you won’t win!!

  • Rem­mus Notlob

    No. 3: Felt Badges
    Project by Nicole Henken

  • Ellen


  • Saskia Eric­son (1=2)

    Love num­ber 2, Nature Art Kit. I would buy it if it was for sale!

  • Kim

    #3 the badges look fun and easy to make .. And even more fun to share!

  • Chris­tine

    No 3 felt badges! :)

  • Terri

    #4 Would love to have it in my house

  • Jay Cherwa

    Num­ber 5!

  • mimi

    #1 hands down— Sarah rules!

  • laura

    No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
    Project by Sarah Lodato

  • viv


  • Sue

    Num­ber 1! Love it.

  • Car­rie

    Num­ber 5!!!!

  • Ash­lie

    Num­ber 5

  • AC

    Num­ber 1! Hand stitch­ing && sten­cils. So cutes!

  • Gidget’s Book­worms

    No. 2: Nature Art Kit
    Project by Julie Arnold

  • Sara

    #3 the patches can liven up a win­ter sweatshirt.

  • Theresa

    Num­ber 4!

  • Sunny

    My vote goes to #2 (but it was SOOO hard to pick, they are ALL awesome).

  • william

    no 3 is to my liking

  • Sara

    Num­ber one!, she is very Clever!

  • Hank Blu­men­thal

    I want Num­ber 1!

  • Willy Rose

    I vote num­ber 5. Out­stand­ing handy work and fine detail.

  • Bethbpnp

    Num­ber 5, no question!

  • Faith

    #5. This one is outstanding

  • Elaine

    I vote num­ber 3!

  • Ella

    Num­ber 5 . The most sophis­ti­cated entry.

  • Ella

    Num­ber 5. Very well done — sub­tle. This one could be used in a vari­ety of ways.

  • teguns


  • chelsea

    #5 is awesome!

  • Neely Hawkins Pollard

    Num­ber 5– Ash­ley Rush. Very unique!

  • Neely Hawkins Pollard

    Num­ber 5– very unique!!

  • jerry

    num­ber 5

  • Regan

    Love the leather (#5). Sim­ple and refined.

  • Dayle Huber

    No. 3 Felt Badges

  • south­ernin­sti­tute

    I vote for #4! :)

  • Melissa Irvin

    No. 1: Hand-sewn Sten­ciled Planters by Sarah Lodato!

  • Cheryl Rowe

    I vote for No. 3, the Felt Badges

  • Rachael Gan­der

    sten­ciled map print! what a great idea :)

  • Sam

    Num­ber 3, felt badges.

  • palmtree23

    #1 is awe­some. I would love to make those!

  • Mindy

    #3 Nicole Henken gets my vote!

  • Bryan David­son

    #3 — Felt badges all the way! Awesome!

  • Meri

    I vote for No. 3. The felt badges are so cool and very retro!

  • Katie

    #3 felt bags get my vote!!

  • Faceh

    No. 3! Felt badges please.

  • Ellen

    The felt badges (#3) are great.

  • Mara

    No. 3 felt badges get my vote!

  • Car­olyn

    I like #3, the felt badges the best.

  • Mary

    #3 !!!

  • Liz

    Loved the felt badges! (no. 3)

  • Patri­cia Christianson

    No. 3 felt badges

  • Meggg

    Love #1

  • Eliz­a­beth Ingram

    I vote for #5! Def­i­nitely the win­ner! What a unique and adorable gift tag!

  • Gar­ner


  • Mari


  • jen­nie

    all awe­some, but # 3–felt badges– gets my vote.

  • Tim E.


  • Céline

    I vote for 1 !

  • sur­re­al­ist milliner

    #1 by far the best one!

  • DW Elaina

    Numero uno!! #1! #1!

  • Sarah Beth Lodato

    No. 1!

  • Nicole

    Num­ber 1!

  • Jin­dra

    No. 3: Felt Badges
    by Nicole Henken gets my vote

  • tara

    my favorite by far is Num­ber 3!

  • rspi­gal

    #3 is super cute! I like the squir­rel and the tree!

  • Viv­i­taru

    num­ber 5!

  • Kirby

    I vote for #5!

  • Kate

    I vote for #3!

  • Zom­bieMommy

    I vote for #5

  • Caf­feine Jones

    ooh– tough choice. I love felt, so I’d love to give an hon­or­able men­tion to the planters, but those could be weird when wet, so I choose the badges!

  • Ed

    I vote for #4! Bon­nie Rush!

  • J

    #5– in a runaway

  • lawrence rud­den

    Lawrence. My vote goes to No. 4

  • Mar­ian


  • Erik Mead­ows

    I vote for: No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
    by Sarah Lodato

  • Mun­dane Magic

    No. 1: Hand-Sewn Sten­ciled Planters
    Project by Sarah Lodato

  • A

    No 1!

  • annabel

    My vote is for num­ber 1!! Love it!

  • Beth Schechter

    num­ber 1! num­ber 1!

  • gre­gory

    I vote # 5 for sure

  • gre­gory

    I’ll take #5 please

  • Dale

    5 wins

  • Michael Semon

    I vote for num­ber 5!

  • Elwood Blues

    Gotta vote for num­ber 5! Looks like a win­ner to me.

  • Tony Smith

    #5, I vote #5

  • Tori Hiller

    Num­ber 5!!!

  • Jack

    the leather gift tag gets my vote! 5

  • Jemmy

    Ash­ley Rush takes this one with #5

  • tater

    5, Ash­ley Rush!! Go girl!!

  • Christi

    The leather tag is too cute, gotta have it, #5

  • cal


  • super­rad­fred


  • Eg Vance Bradley

    I vote #4 :)

  • JenS

    No. 5!

  • Jenna Reid

    No. 5 is so unique!

  • scum­bunny

    A vote for #1

  • Elisenda Llau­rado


  • Ali­son Esterhuizen

    Num­ber 4!!!

  • Martha Watkins

    I vote for num­ber 5 Ash­ley Rush

  • Ben

    Num­ber 5, Ms. Ash­ley Rush.

  • tera

    #5 please

  • Steph Dryer

    #5 is the winner

  • Jen­nifer

    My vote #5

  • Allyson Carr Bradberry


  • Vicki Ingram

    Ash­ley Rush!

  • patri­cia m. jensen

    i def­i­nitelly vote for #5, Ash­ley Rush

  • KL

    Num­ber 3! Felt badges

  • M.M.


  • Heather

    Ash­ley Rush

  • Can­non

    Love # 5 Ash­ley Rush

  • bj

    #3–Felt Badges!

  • Zul

    I like #3

  • Scott


  • Hus­band

    Nicole’s badges yay! # 3!

  • Patrick Ingram

    #5 Ash­ley Rush

  • Leigh

    #5 Ash­ley!

  • Juliea Leaphart

    Vote for #5 Ash­ley Rush..

  • Vic­tor

    #5 — Love the leather

  • slip­pas

    Ash­ley Rush #5

  • EP


  • Crafter

    #3 is cute!