Modern Toddler Bed by Rafa Kids

toddler bed by rafa kids

This fun & functional toddler bed is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s newly found independence once they outgrow the crib. There’s plenty of room for storage under the bed and the wheels allow you to easily move the bed around the room.

rafa kids bed

If your child has an older brother or sister, the F & R Bed Set combines the toddler bed with a full-size bunk for the older sibling. The toddler bed can be moved freely around the room so you can use the space under the bunk for other purposes.

toddler bed by rafa kids

The toddler bed will be available in July from the Rafa Kids website for $1200 ($1800 for the bunk / toddler bed combo).

toddler bed by rafa kids

Be sure to check out the fantastic Rafa Kids blog!

  • Agata

    Ohhhh fantastic! Thank you so so much! 
    Only the prices are a bit different for the toddler is 480euro and 950euro for the bunk, and the set F&R cost 1430. (F+R)