Fun In The Kitchen

Sunnyside Egg Shaper - so fun!

Sun­ny­side Egg Shaper
avail­able here for $12

Hav­ing a hard time get­ting your kids to eat their break­fast? This super fun egg shaper may pro­vide just the encour­age­ment they need. Who wouldn’t love to start their day this way! (via kid crave)

When smoke starts coming out of the chimney, the water is boiling!

Home Cook­ing Steamer
avail­able here for $10

We all know that the quick­est way to bring water to a boil is to put a lid on the pot, but how can you tell when it starts to boil? Just wait until smoke starts com­ing out of the chim­ney! Fun :) (via not­cot)

Fun In The Kitchen: Karate Chopper

Karate Chop­per
avail­able here for $12

The black belt let­tuce knife! Your kids will be beg­ging to help in the kitchen when you pull this one out.

  • melissa

    Ha! i loveee the karate chop­per! & thats the first cloudy egg shaper i’ve seen. Def a great way to have some fun in the kitchen :)


  • Coco Cake

    hee­hee! this is amaz­ing… love the cute lit­tle cloudy and sunny egg… adorable!

  • Brooke –Kid­crave

    Thanks for the link!

  • this is lemonade

    Oh no! I love the first two. I might even be tempted to part with my money on those! Nooooooo! Haha, I’m addicted to eggs and I love the idea of a pot lid with a work­ing chim­ney on it! That would make a lovely house­warm­ing gift…hmmmm, think­ing about it.… :)

  • Jenni @ Just Stuff

    Oh my good­ness, that egg shaper! Who wouldn’t be cheered up in the morn­ing using this? So cute!

  • Glam­orous­Mommy

    How fun is that!! I love the egg sun scene, how adorable!!!

  • Becka Robin­son

    Okay, so now I totally want them all.

  • Ayumi @ aime roo

    OH MY, this is SOOO cute!!!!!!! I don’t have kids but i would use these any­ways!! I can­not believe how cute these are!! I loved the three ideas!! the sunny eggs, the karate chop­per and the house steamer thingy were gor­geous. THANKS FOR SHARING!!