Happy Parents Guide: Utility Sinks

Happy Parents Guide: Utility Sinks

Ok, if you’ve been read­ing along then you know that I’m in the mid­dle of ren­o­vat­ing my craft stu­dio (see ear­lier posts here and here). This past week I tack­led the bath­room, which was the last item on my list. I can’t believe that I had totally for­got­ten about the key to a happy house with lit­tle ones around – util­ity sinks!

The Key To A Happy Home with Kids: Utility Sinks!

I was in des­per­ate need of a big sink in the stu­dio but I didn’t have much space in the tiny bath­room. I found the per­fect lit­tle util­ity sink at Home Depot and popped it in less than an hour. Perfect!

Must-Haves For Happy Parents: The Utility Sink

Of course, hav­ing a pro­duc­tive stu­dio in the house means hav­ing plenty of activ­i­ties to keep the kids busy. That’s where the util­ity sink comes in. They can make the biggest, crafti­est mess that their lit­tle heart desires and all you have to do is rinse out the sink when they’re done. It doesn’t get much eas­ier than that!

Of course, you do have to keep an eye out for the lit­tle odds and ends that tend to make their way toward the drain :)

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