Natural Art Supplies for Kids

Drawing Desk for Kids from Imagine Childhood

Here’s a col­lec­tion of nat­ural art sup­plies and draw­ing gear to fuel your child’s imagination.

Drawing Desk for Kids from Imagine Childhood

This solid maple draw­ing desk is all your child needs for an after­noon of imag­i­na­tive fun. The basic appear­ance belies inno­v­a­tive fea­tures like a built-in safe paper cut­ter, a green chalk­board ready for the moment inspi­ra­tion strikes, and remov­able wooden feet for a more com­fort­able draw­ing angle.  Avail­able for $29.95 at Imag­ine Child­hood.

Tabletop Paper Holder with Cutter from Imagination Childhood

This table­top paper holder / cut­ter should be a stan­dard fix­ture in every fam­ily home. Well worth the $18 price! Avail­able at Imag­ine Child­hood.

Fantastic Natural Drawing Mediums for Kids from Imagination Childhood

Of course, your child will need a draw­ing medium as well. Any of these nat­ural art sup­plies from Imag­ine Child­hood would fit the bill: Mer­curius black­board chalk, Artemis Plant Dyed Color Crayons, Artemis Plant Dyed Color Pen­cils, or Nat­ural Char­coal Pencils.