Open-Air Kindergarten

open air kindergarten open air kindergarten

An open-air kindergarten in Takarazuka, Japan, designed in 1992 by Katsuhiro Miyamoto. So cool!

  • jennifer

    Love this!

  • jennifer

    Love this!

  • Roxy

    This looks so cool.

  • Steph

    I wish my kid could go to school someplace even half as awesome.

  • Char

    absolutely fabulous!!!!

  • Petit Soul

    guaaauuuuu! amazing place

  • Tanja

    Wow! I love it! And for sure my kids would aswell.

  • ariana

    What an amazing space! Such a lovely way to honor the spirit of children. It reminds me a bit of Forest Kindergartens and the outdoor Waldorf nurseries with a bit more coverage. It does seem like the little ones would be happy as clams being outside all day long! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful space. Cheers