The Payoffs of Discovery

murphy with insect

I’ve always been a firm believer in giv­ing chil­dren time to explore and dis­cover on their own. Lately it’s been pay­ing off. Just the other day my two old­est boys (Jonah, 9, and Mur­phy, 7) came across a bird’s nest just as the eggs were hatch­ing. They came back thrilled and couldn’t wait to tell me about the lit­tle beaks pok­ing from the shells. The fol­low­ing day, they came across a box tur­tle and watched as it dug a hole, laid its’ eggs and cov­ered them back with dirt. What are the odds?

I sup­pose they could’ve read about this in a text­book, but it cer­tainly wouldn’t have been as inspiring.

Pic­tured above: Mur­phy, my 7-year-old, proudly dis­play­ing one of his finds.