Play Clay Sweet Shop

DIY Play Clay Sweet Shop

I like to have some fun playdate activities up my sleeve in case my kids and their friends run out of ideas for what to do. Play clay is a crowd pleaser and always works well when my younger son has a girl friend over (not to be confused with a “girlfriend,” of course!)

DIY Play Clay Sweet Shop

To mix things up, I’ll provide some fun tools and props. With a few kitchen supplies, kids can create a play clay sweet shop:

  • Rolling pins
  • Cookie cutters
  • Ice pop sticks
  • Lollipop sticks (or wooden skewers with the pointy tips cut off)
  • Ice cream scoop
DIY Play Clay Sweet Shop

Your sweet shop workers will need some ice cream cones! With scissors and hot glue, you can transform toilet paper or paper towel tubes into flat-bottomed wafer cones and pointy waffle cones.

DIY Play Clay Sweet Shop


  • Toilet paper tube (or a paper towel tube cut down to about 4″)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick

For a pointy cone:
With scissors cut a toilet paper open down the length. Cut off a triangle as shown (you can slide it into a cone shape to get an idea of what you’ll need to trim off). Slide it back into a cone shape and, holding the point tightly, squeeze some hot glue under the overlapping seam (grownups only!). Trim the top to straighten it.

For a flat bottom cone:
Use the scissors to cut a toilet paper tube down the length. Cut a 3/4″ strip off for the top lip and then shorten the remainder of the tube to about 3″ for the cone base. Squeeze the base so that it tapers and cut off a triangle of cardboard as shown, so there isn’t a huge overlap. Taper again and squeeze some hot glue under the overlapping seam (grownups only!). Trim the top to straighten. Squeeze a line of glue around the wider top and place the strip on top of it. Trim the seam as needed.

DIY Play Clay Sweet Shop

After ice cream and candy-making, the kids will probably want to set up a shop. The recycle bin can offer some more props for displaying their goods. For a lollipop holder, paint a berry basket, flip it upside-down and punch a few holes in it (you can use a skewer). Use recycled jars to display ice cream cones.

No cavities from this sweet shop. Have fun at your play clay playdate!

  • Rachel Faucett

    Hi Sarah,

    We have several recipes we like to use. I’ll check back in shortly.



  • Kenni Raye

    This is why I save my rolls, people!!! You never know when a craft opportunity will present itself.

  • t.potts

    I’m obsessed with paper rolls. I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to them. This is an excellent way to recycle. It’s an incredibly cute project . I’m pinning this. ;)

  • t.potts

    You too? Check out my pinterest board :) I love this one because it combines different elements….like the clay. So creatively done.

  • Jill @ Made with Moxie

    What a great idea! My kids love to play with dough. We’ll be doing this this weekend.

  • Melissa Q

    This is so cute! So inventive with the toilet paper rolls, they are so versatile we never throw them away anymore. Totally one of those projects that I want to do…I might just have to set it up for my boys and then ‘supervise’ them while I resurrect my 12 year old self. ;)

  • Jessica Abbott

    My kids would FLIP for this!!!

  • small for big

    Those ice cream cones are brilliant. My little girl will love making these.

  • small for big

    We save our rolls too, though my husband thinks I’m loopy. This is the perfect project to tame my stash!

  • Michelle McInerney

    I just adore the TP cones – genius idea. Love it xx

  • kelleyetg

    This is wonderful, we may have to do this this weekend, but I think I know 3 little girls that would love this as a gift for the holidays! make the play clay and gather the tools! what a fab gift.

  • southerninstitute

    What a great way to recycle TP rolls! This is such a cute project for cold winter days. :)

  • Maggie::SmashedPeasandCarrots

    How have I never thought of this before? This is a really great use for all my empty TP rolls that I save like a good craft hoarder!

  • Maggie::SmashedPeasandCarrots

    What a great idea! I NEED to have my own TP roll pinterest board too!

  • Amy Johnson

    Can’t wait to add these to our play kitchen!

  • Fun at Home with Kids

    I adore the cones – such a fabulous idea!

  • Caroline Farley

    So cute! I love the freedom to design whatever shape lollipop the kid desires! Adorable and so fun