Printable Animal Finger Puppets

Printable Animal Finger Puppets

I’m totally dig­ging these print­able ani­mal fin­ger pup­pets. This month you can down­load spe­cial good­ies from the super fab Mr Print­a­bles over at PBS Kids Club THIRTEEN .

Printable Snake Finger Puppets from Mr Printables

Def­i­nitely check out the print­able snake fin­ger pup­pets as well—super cool!

  • Giada

    Char­lotte, it seems that the first link doesn’t work.

  • Frani


    The link to the fin­ger pup­pets at the top of the page does not work. I would really like to find them, can you help us?

  • nyc­hole

    the first link isn’t working

  • Melissa Kojima

    Oh, how fun!!!

  • Mid­lan­der

    I love cheer­ful, inno­cent stuff like this; it makes the world a bet­ter place and can put a smile on even a cynic like me.

  • Craig000

    Great ideas for Kids Clubs, Sun­day Schools, par­ties, etc. BOOKMARKED!

  • Craig000