Printable Magnetic Play Clock

Free Printable Magnetic Play Clock

If your lit­tle one is like mine, they are get­ting close to need­ing to learn to tell time. My son thinks 5 min­utes and 5 hours are the same thing and that 6 o’clock is late. Ah to be young and igno­rant! Now that sum­mer vaca­tion is here it’s the per­fect time to help them learn to tell time. This play clock is not only edu­ca­tional, but it is also fun!

Printable Magnetic Play Clock

To make your own, all you need is some ink jet mag­net sheet, a printer and a pair of scis­sors. Just print the free print­able tem­plate (down­load here), cut it out and have fun! Depend­ing on the type of mag­net paper you use, you might want to be sure to let it dry com­pletely before play­ing. Other than that, have fun and happy learning!