The Proper Way To Travel

  • Mal­lory

    Yeah.… that is def­i­nitely my dream way of trav­el­ing. Some­day, someday.

  • rosa

    so lovely! this is the car­a­van I could travel with!

  • Nicola

    Mmm, looks lush. :)

  • Terri Thomp­son

    Oh yes, this is absolutely the proper way to travel!

  • Julia Maria Cogliatti

    oh my god, this is wonderful

  • Maryellen

    so very chic and cute at the same time. Did the text say where to buy some­thing like this?

  • hand­made charlotte

    Yes,in Eng­land!

  • Beti

    So ele­gant!  Too bad my 6’3″ hus­band wouldn’t fit inside.