Quilting The Great Lakes

New Great Lakes Quilt by Haptic Labs

Here’s a treat for all you Midwesterners out there – Brooklyn’s Haptic Labs has a new hand-stitched map quilt depicting the Great Lakes in all their glory. Hooray!

New Great Lakes Quilt by Haptic Labs New Great Lakes Quilt by Haptic Labs

The 54-in. x 72-in. quilt covers everything from Duluth, MN to Rochester, NY and includes cities like Buffalo, Toronto, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Iowa City, Pittsburgh, and Fort Wayne. They are available in limited quantities from the Haptic Labs website for $219.

DIY Quilt Map Kit by Haptic Labs DIY Quilt Map Kit by Haptic Labs

If you’re more of the hands-on type, they also offer several DIY kit versions of their quilts. Now you can stitch your own version of their NYC, world, and USA map quilts.

Haptic Labs Map Baby Quilt

And, of course, they still have their super popular baby map quilts. Pictured above is the Boston Baby Quilt, available for $145. If someone close is expecting a new baby, I can’t image a more perfect gift!

Update: Due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, Haptic Labs has informed us that orders will take longer than usual to fulfill until their waterfront studio in Brooklyn can be repaired. Our hearts are with you!

  • Char

    Gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/ handmade charlotte

    So sorry to hear that! At least no one was hurt (I hope) – we wish you the best with the studio rebuild!

  • élise*

    I love it! This is so gorgeous! I always wanted to make a world map blanket for our international traveling baby but never got to make it. But seeing these super nice pictures makes me feel like thinking about it again. Thanks!