Apple Cider Floats Recipe

Apple Cider Float Recipe

Apples are a symbol of autumn. The chilly days bring trips to the orchard, and pies and crisps are made with the beloved red (or green) fruit. But the weather in our neck of the woods keeps fluctuating between hot and cold, and I wanted to find something that could be made with apples that wouldn’t heat up the kitchen too much on those sunny days, but could also keep us toasty if need be. Luckily these apple cider floats are just the trick. Since they can be served warm or chilled, they’re a perfect treat for this temperamental fall.

Apple Cider Float Recipe

Apple Cider Floats

  • Apple cider, warm or cold
  • Ice cream (vanilla bean or caramel work nice)
Apple Cider Float Recipe

Put a scoop (or two) of ice cream in a glass, and top with apple cider.

Apple Cider Float Recipe

It’s that easy!

  • Mallory @ Because I Like Choco

    Love this idea! What a perfect drink, or dessert, for fall!

  • Brimful

    Wow, how have I never heard of this kind of float?! I am definitely trying this with my family :). Thank!

  • tara

    WHAT?! So brilliant. This sounds amazing!


    Wow, I’m going to do this! Thank you for sharing!
    I’m new in learning to cook..

  • Melanie Yarbrough

    Ooh I’ve been wondering what to do with my half gallon of apple cider! Thanks! (I’m going to try pumpkin ice cream.)

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