Mixed Berry Cream Soda Recipe

Recipe: Mixed Berry Cream Soda

Whether your kid­dies are giddy with excite­ment about going back to school or need a lit­tle help eas­ing into it, these berry cream sodas will make the per­fect after-school treat.

Recipe: Mixed Berry Cream Soda

My chil­dren have been ner­vous all week, know­ing that a new school year is wait­ing for them right around the cor­ner. We’ve spent a lot of time talk­ing about longer school days, pick­ing out school clothes and sup­plies, and snug­gling close to help ease the fear. But some­times, some­thing extra spe­cial is needed.

So we spent an after­noon cap­tur­ing sum­mer in a glass. Our refrig­er­a­tor is packed with rasp­ber­ries, and all our mem­o­ries of hand pick­ing them one by one over long sum­mer days are tucked away with them in their freezer-safe bags. Nat­u­rally, we had to fig­ure out a way to incor­po­rate some berries into our treat. Bub­bly soda water always brings a smile, and heavy cream brings a lit­tle com­fort, so they were in, too. We topped things off with a fancy straw, and for a few sweet moments there was noth­ing in this whole wide world to worry about.

Recipe: Mixed Berry Cream Soda

Instead of sim­mer­ing the berries with honey, I added the honey to the warm juice after it had been cooked and strained. I found this gave it more of a clean honey taste. I thought 2 table­spoons was the per­fect amount—it still left a lit­tle bit of tart­ness to the drink. (Feel free to add more if you’d like it sweeter.)

If you want to make the juice ahead of time, remem­ber that honey will firm up in the fridge, and you will have to gen­tly reheat the mix­ture to loosen it. Sugar could be sub­sti­tuted, although I would include it in the sim­mer­ing stage. Half and half occa­sion­ally can cur­dle when mixed with fruit juice, so I’ve used heavy cream here, which doesn’t sep­a­rate as eas­ily. For extra pro­tec­tion against cur­dling, you can add the heavy cream to the fruit base, and thor­oughly mix before adding the club soda. But I thought adding the cream to the top made a pret­tier pre­sen­ta­tion. Whipped cream, of course, would also be delicious.

Recipe: Mixed Berry Cream Soda


  • 16 ounces mixed berries (rasp­ber­ries, black­ber­ries, and straw­ber­ries work best)
  • 1 vanilla bean pod, seeds scraped
  • 2¼ cups water
  • 8 table­spoons good honey (more or less to taste, see note above)
  • Cold club soda, gin­ger ale, or any other bub­bly drink you think would be a good fit
  • Heavy cream (a lit­tle goes a long way)
Recipe: Mixed Berry Cream Soda

Place the berries, vanilla bean seeds and pod, and water in a sauce pan. Bring to a boil, and then let sim­mer for about 15 min­utes until the berries are bro­ken down (straw­ber­ries and blue­ber­ries may need a lit­tle help with a potato masher).

Place the mix­ture in a strainer over a large bowl and press on the berries until all the juice is released (you should have around 2 cups). Dis­card the pulp.

Divide the warm mix­ture equally between 4 glasses and stir 2 table­spoons of honey into each glass (more or less to taste), mak­ing sure the honey is dissolved.

Let cool, and then add equal amounts of club soda to each glass (about ½ cup per glass). Add ice, and then top with heavy cream as desired (see note above).