Handmade Furniture for Children

children's furniture by katrin arens children's furniture by katrin arens

Designer Katrin Arens is uniquely gifted at turning the old into new. Her passion to “make ordinary objects extraordinary” shows in all of her work, whether designing beautiful handmade furniture for children or clothes for Amelia (her collection of natural children’s clothing).

Her philosophy of simplicity and sustainability carries over into her personal life as well, as evident in her restoration of the gorgeous sixteenth century stone house in the Lombardy region of Italy that serves as her workshop and home (the house is believed to have been designed by Leonardo da Vinci, who worked just down the river).

From the top: a small child’s horse, a cradle fashioned from the remains of a barrel, a children’s table with stools, and a woodworking bench for children.

  • http://kickcanandconkers.blogspot.com/ Deb

    I love her work – the furniture, styling, clothes everything. Her home interior has been in all the big magazines. I still dream of buying one of her cupboards for our kitchen :)

  • http://www.childrensbedworld.co.uk/ Kids Beds

    I just love the little crib! You are very talented. You should try your hand on toys, the horse is very well detailed. Are you going to paint those? A little color will make the difference.

  • http://www.moniamerlo.com Monia Merlo

    I love the materials and the simple linear forms

  • http://www.moniamerlo.com Monia Merlo

    I love the materials and the simple linear forms

  • http://www.marblepolishingmiami.net/ Marble Restore Miami

    They are so cute.I would not mind of keeping some of these in my home!

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    Excellent handicrafts!

  • http://www.handmadecharlotte.com handmade charlotte

    I’m not sure if the crib is currently available–you may want to try contacting Katrin Arens through her website. Thanks for stopping by!

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